True Body

I’m watching season 1 of True Blood. Goodness, but it does like the blood. The title fits. It also offers lots of other, more pleasing features, like gorgeous, undressed male bodies. The men of True Blood do make for an excellent TV-watching experience.


What a Pain

I woke up thinking that my old nemesis plantar fasciitis had returned to bedevil me. My right foot hurt a lot. I got out of bed this morning with the admirable intention to make it to Sunday’s CrossFit class, but as soon as I tried to walk I realized that this was intention would only remain exactly that, an intention.

It hurts to put weight on my heel, and unlike plantar fasciitis it isn’t improving as I walk around. It had been my first guess as I’ve eaten lots more dairy, wheat, and sugar than I normally do. I figured that my normal anti-inflammatory low-carb diet keeps the foot pain at bay, but I had done too much bad eating this crazy week that my body was feeling it. But I don’t think that’s causing the pain. I can see some inflammation and redness on the inner side of my foot — not something I’d see if it’s plantar fasciitis.

I’m trying to remember what I did to hurt it. Was it housework? My body can’t handle cleaning house? Wouldn’t that be interesting, but ultimately very messy?

Yesterday I took Spencer for a walk with the Paw Placement folks. I stumbled over a wire and over a rock. Yet it never felt like I twisted anything. I was wearing solid shoes, but they are relatively new, so maybe there’s something about them that has bothered my foot.

Did I get bit by something? That would seem a reasonable situation. I do get spiders and I was cleaning up some items to take to Goodwill. Could there have been something in the pile?

Yep, I’m clueless. I have to drive to a movie today, as I’m reviewing Taking Woodstock. Let’s hope that I can drive to the movie and get some errands done.

All I know is that this is a pain.

The Ugly Truth review

I like both Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, but their film, The Ugly Truth, didn’t earn my love. Still, I liked parts of it. Here’s my review.

New in Town review

Man, do I love romantic comedies. When done well they warm my romantic heart. When done badly, they bring out my cynical side. New in Town made me feel incredibly cynical. Here’s my review.

Bruno review

I am so behind on posting my reviews. I’ll try to catch up over the weekend as a lazy way to do some blogging. Anyway, here’s my review of Bruno.

Making it Through the Week

What a crazy week. The start of the semester at NAU always throws me for a loop. I work in a tech support department that assists NAU faculty. It’s been insane this week. Due to our budget cuts we’ve lost some of our student worker help and that means a lot more work for us full-time folks. Thus, a crazy week. We made it though.

I stayed in bed until noon today — a well-deserved sleeping in, if you ask me. I only had one thing to deal with today and that was cleaning the house. I was having visitors. Paw Placement was coming over for a home visit. I’m adopting a dog named Duke and this was the first visit to see how Duke got along with my dog Spencer. It went well — no fights, no growling, and no unseemly behavior. Spencer wasn’t a love puppy, but he wasn’t obnoxious. That’s a victory to me.

Now I’m just sitting back in my clean house, watching some of season seven West Wing episodes. Hey, I made it through the week, I’m allowed to relax.


I’m watching episodes of Ctrl on Hulu. What a fun concept. A computer keyboard gives a nerd magical abilities in a life-changing way. Just watch out for the Copy and Paste shortcuts.

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