Baseball Night – Brian Matusz

Sure, the last few days have been all about the Arizona Cardinals and their stay here in Flagstaff for practice camp, but other sports are happening too. Tonight it was baseball. But I wasn’t watching the Diamondbacks (well, peripherally maybe). I watched the Baltimore Orioles.

Why would I head to one of the local sports bars, Granny’s Closet, to watch a team that I usually don’t care about? To watch the debut of pitcher Brian Matusz. There’s an Arizona connection. Shoot, there’s a family connection!

My nephews, Brian and Christopher, both played with Matusz at St. Mary’s high school in Phoenix. My brother and sister-in-law, Steve and Mona, hung out on the stands with Matusz’ parents. So when Mona tells me that Brian is coming up from Phoenix and wanted to watch the Orioles game to see Matusz pitch, well, I had to join them.

Matusz’ parents got plenty of camera time as the announcers discussed Matusz’ first major league appearance. Matusz certainly got plenty of time on TV. He pitched five innings and did a decent enough job — 5 strikeouts, 3 walks, 1 run, and the win. He’s now got himself a lovely 1.80 ERA. Nice.

I also enjoyed hanging out with Steve, Mona, and Brian. So it was a lovely evening to conclude my five-day weekend.


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