Lucky Number Slevin – Why the Wait?

There are so many movies where I do this “Want to see it; no I don’t” kind of behavior. I rent it but put off watching it, returning it unseen. I’ve done this with several movies and I kick myself for returning them unwatched, because I know what will happen once I do get around seeing it a few years later. I’ll love it. Lucky Number Slevin was one of those movies.

This time I picked up the movie via Netflix. I’d rented it before, but had returned it to the rental place unseen. The last two weeks the Netflix package sat on top of my TV, waiting for me to open it and put the movie in. Finally I did it tonight. I even figured that I would probably get bored, turn it off, and go to bed early. Hah! I liked the darn movie.

I loved the cast, especially Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu. Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley made entertaining mobsters, the dialogue was clever, and the twists and turns entertaining and not overly predictable. It’s not a perfect movie, but it is a perfect movie for a Friday night.

Man, I just have to make myself put those movies into the dvd player. A greater percentage of these films end up as enjoyable viewings. Sure, some are average, so-so outings, but let me try to remember the ones that surprise me, so I will not be so reluctant to put the next dvd into the player.


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