Family Fun – Let them Eat Cake and Being a Kept Woman

Went to Phoenix area this weekend for the “quarterly” birthday party. That’s the four-times-a-year party where we celebrate the birthdays that occurred in the quarter. This time it was actually a “halfly” as we combined the 2nd and 3rd quarters, as we never could get the parties scheduled to meet everyone’s availability.

Held at my nephew Jason’t house, we swam (finally got to wear my new swim suit), played Apples to Apples (my brother Steve beat us all), and watched the chocolate cake plop into my niece-in-law Maria’s lap. Don’t ask, it was definitely an accident. Of course, nothing stops my family from chocolate cake — we ended up eating it anyway.

Today I stayed longer so I could join my niece in watching Gigi, the 1958 musical. She found the first part a bit of a bore (just like the character Gaston), but once the romance part began she was into the story. There are some adult themes, so explaining the concept of “mistresses” or “kept women” to a 10-year old took some clever wording, but the word “sex” was involved, which dismayed my niece. She was relieved that Gigi ended up marrying Gaston, as that is what people in love should do.

A good weekend with family. Now it’s a week of crazy work as the semester is about to begin. I really think that I would rather have a chocolate cake in my lap.


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