Making it Through the Week

What a crazy week. The start of the semester at NAU always throws me for a loop. I work in a tech support department that assists NAU faculty. It’s been insane this week. Due to our budget cuts we’ve lost some of our student worker help and that means a lot more work for us full-time folks. Thus, a crazy week. We made it though.

I stayed in bed until noon today — a well-deserved sleeping in, if you ask me. I only had one thing to deal with today and that was cleaning the house. I was having visitors. Paw Placement was coming over for a home visit. I’m adopting a dog named Duke and this was the first visit to see how Duke got along with my dog Spencer. It went well — no fights, no growling, and no unseemly behavior. Spencer wasn’t a love puppy, but he wasn’t obnoxious. That’s a victory to me.

Now I’m just sitting back in my clean house, watching some of season seven West Wing episodes. Hey, I made it through the week, I’m allowed to relax.


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