What a Pain

I woke up thinking that my old nemesis plantar fasciitis had returned to bedevil me. My right foot hurt a lot. I got out of bed this morning with the admirable intention to make it to Sunday’s CrossFit class, but as soon as I tried to walk I realized that this was intention would only remain exactly that, an intention.

It hurts to put weight on my heel, and unlike plantar fasciitis it isn’t improving as I walk around. It had been my first guess as I’ve eaten lots more dairy, wheat, and sugar than I normally do. I figured that my normal anti-inflammatory low-carb diet keeps the foot pain at bay, but I had done too much bad eating this crazy week that my body was feeling it. But I don’t think that’s causing the pain. I can see some inflammation and redness on the inner side of my foot — not something I’d see if it’s plantar fasciitis.

I’m trying to remember what I did to hurt it. Was it housework? My body can’t handle cleaning house? Wouldn’t that be interesting, but ultimately very messy?

Yesterday I took Spencer for a walk with the Paw Placement folks. I stumbled over a wire and over a rock. Yet it never felt like I twisted anything. I was wearing solid shoes, but they are relatively new, so maybe there’s something about them that has bothered my foot.

Did I get bit by something? That would seem a reasonable situation. I do get spiders and I was cleaning up some items to take to Goodwill. Could there have been something in the pile?

Yep, I’m clueless. I have to drive to a movie today, as I’m reviewing Taking Woodstock. Let’s hope that I can drive to the movie and get some errands done.

All I know is that this is a pain.


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