Tonight’s Workout – Nancy

How did tonight’s CrossFit workout end up so fun? Maybe because compatriot CrossFitter Eileen teamed up with me to cheer me on while I worked, and I offered the same support while she did it.

The WOD was “Nancy” — giving me some practice with the snatch, plus my nemisis: running.

Five rounds for time:

  • 15 hang power snatch 95/65 pounds
  • 400 meter run

I used 44 pounds for the snatch. Not bad, but I still think that I really need to work on my shrug and getting under the bar faster. I chipped through the 15 snatches each round.

Here’s how a good hang power snatch should look:

It was the run that got me. I’ve had a cold and am getting over it, but that means my lungs have plenty of phlegm. Not any more. Each round I’d cough up some more. I only made it through one of the 400m runs without stopping. Though I do wonder, even without the remnants of a cold, could I make it through without stopping? Not likely. Running is my goat.

So, made it through the workout and now have plenty of energy. Funny how that works.


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