Fingers Crossed

There are elections going on today, so that means I’m surfing the web to see how things are going in certain state elections. The main one I’m paying attention to is the Maine one  — main , Maine – aren’t I clever? < birds chirping >

Okay, in Maine it’s the Vote No on prop 1 that has my attention. I’m hoping that gay marriage is not overturned in Maine, so the No votes have to win.

New York 23 has an interesting election where the Republican quit the race as the third-party candidate looked like he was going to win. It’s a real mish-mash of weird politics going on.

I’m also wondering if NJ Governor, John Corzine will keep his governor position. Christie was leading in the polls, but New Jersey is a weird state that can surprise everyone.

So, fingers are crossed that Maine goes the way that I want it to. I just wonder how long it will take before we learn the results?


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