Among the Living

There is something about using Twitter and Facebook that fulfills my need to write about myself. That certainly leaves this blog in a lonely state, doesn’t it? Really, I’ll try and post something soon. Meanwhile, here’s some good blog posts that keep me entertained…



I managed to do two workouts as prescribed (Rx’d). Amazing for me, but then again, when there are no prescribed weights or pull-ups or box jumps at a certain height I can do the activities. Oh, or if the workouts require muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, or rope climbs, I’m not going to Rx it. Anyway, felt good doing the two as prescribed:

  • Michael (okay, I didn’t do the 800m runs, but we thought we WERE doing 800 meters so I consider it was as prescribed)
  • Fun and Fortitude (I even beat a firebreather — he forgot how to do single unders and had to slow down)


I’ll try not to be so remiss in my blogging duties (“there is no ‘try,’ only ‘do’).



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