Whip It review

Yes, yes, I’m way behind on posting my reviews. Maybe I’ll get caught up one day.

My review of Whip it is here. I do know that I liked it enough that I’ll get the DVD, just so I can get all the bonus features. I’m especially interested in hearing Drew Barrymore’s audio commentary.


Snow and a Shovel or a Warm Bed

I’m happy that today is a vacation day for me. I lounged in bed most of the morning, then made a pot of decaf coffee, and only went out and shoveled the snow when I felt like it. Yeah, there’s nothing worse than having to shovel snow in the morning just to get to work. I like today’s method much better.

Fame review

They could have made the new version of Fame exciting, or at least more entertaining. They didn’t. Here’s my review.

Visioneers review

Visioneers is a strange little movie. I wanted to like it more than I did, but looking back, I think my “C” grade is a tad low. Compared to some other movies I’ve rated that low lately, I’d change the grade to at least a “C+” — it’s hard to keep the grades straight over time.

Anyway, here’s the review.

P.S. Supposedly Zach Galifianakis was up here in Northern Arizona a few weeks back. He may even have been hanging out in Flagstaff. No, I didn’t see him around, but I did go downtown the night I heard that some of the cast and crew for Due Date were staying at a downtown hotel one Thursday night. What would I have done if I’d seen him? Hell, I don’t know. I suck in those “seeing a celebrity before me” situations.

Vacation Fun

Vacation is now on. I’m off for a week. So what wild things am I doing to start off my vacation? Sitting around watching House, M.D. episodes. Yep, I’m a wild thing, aren’t I.

Nominations and Awards

It’s the beginning of the movie awards season. The Golden Globes nominations were announced today, which really kicks things off.

The best coverage about all the various organizations with their lists of favorite movies and performances can be found at the Film Experience. Nathaniel R covers it all as awards season leads up to the Oscars. He also has fun predicting who will win. Here’s his post on the Golden Globe nominees.

It should be interesting. I must admit that I’m cheering on director Kathryn Bigelow and her film The Hurt Locker (my review here). Yet there are other great movies out there, though not many show up here in Flagstaff — The Hurt Locker was only here for a week, filling in until some other big summer extravaganza opened.

Not Again

Am I fighting off a cold? Oh, please, Universe, not a cold right before Christmas. I have too much to do!

Okay, enough with the whining. Back to work.