Lost World

Must catch up on Lost episodes before the new season starts. I’m almost done with season 4. This means a marathon of season 5 episodes the next few days. I can do it. I know I can.  I have to in order to keep up with the new season starting Tuesday. It should be quite fun to see this show wrap up.


Michael Jackson: This is It review

I’m planning to buy the DVD of this movie, I enjoyed it that much. Here’s my review.

My Version of a Nooner

I’m thinking of hitting CrossFit at noon. I so need a workout. I’ll update if I do it.

Update: Yep, I did it. It was a fun WOD. We could choose any of the workouts performed at our local CrossFit gym this week. With my lower back complaining this week, I chose “Cindy” – as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 pull-ups (assisted by green band), 10 push-ups (got four rounds of full push-ups before switching to the knees on the ground), 15 squats (not much depth as I was protecting my back). Felt good I went.

Where the Wild Things Are review

What a strange film Where the Wild Things Are turned out to be. It had charm and a sweetness about it.  I didn’t absolutely love it, but I do recommend it. Here’s my review.

Feeling Super

Dang it. I’m hooked again. Having an addictive personality creates problems in my life. Now it’s a return to an addiction I had overcome years ago. Yes, I’m indulging in an old obsession. It’s ridiculous for a 51 year-old woman to be buying comic books again.

I wrote about my old collection, which I still have by the way. That box of comic books will soon sit next to a box full of new comics at the rate I’m going. It’s like a mad rush to catch up on a bunch of my old favorites, plus trying new ones.

I blame this on my sister. She picked up a book for me as a Christmas present. The book looked at superheroines and just reading about them had me wondering about the current cast of characters. I highly recommend The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines by Mike Madrid. A quick and fun read, Madrid covers a variety of heroines, some of them my faves.

After reading the book I picked up a few used comic books at Bookman’s and discovered that the new comic books are sold at Hastings. Oh dear. I think the last time I stood around looking at the comic book racks I was 13 years old. Yet here I am.

Tonight I checked at Hastings to see if this week’s scheduled books showed up at Hastings. Yes, they were there. I picked up the following:

Detective Comics #861 – I’m loving the artwork of JH Williams, but of course he is no longer the artist starting with this issue, except for the cover. Will writer Greg Rucka keep me entranced even without the fantastic visuals and color schemes?

Supergirl #49 – Hey, I like books about female superheroes, even if they are young. My inner young girl is all over the Supergirl and Batgirl stories.

Daredevil #504 – I used to be a fan of Daredevil, so thought I’d try reading him again.

Fantastic Four #575 – As with Daredevil, I used to enjoy the Fantastic Four comics.

Earlier this week I picked up Power Girl #8:

Power Girl #8 cover

Her power seems to derive from her huge… um… cleavage as it is shown all the time. Who designs these costumes?

The Power Girl comics so far seem to be more humorous than violent, but I’ve only read two of them so far so I am not the best observer of all things Power Girl.

I also bought The Uncanny X-Men #520. Do you know there are multiple X-Men comic books? There is X-Men Noir, Dark X-Men, X-Men Forever, X-Men Origins, X-Men Legacy, and even X-Babies. With so many different ones I picked the highest number as I figured that with issue 520 it had to be part of the original series.

It feels so silly to be reading these again. Yet I’m loving this flirtation with my younger self’s obsession. Maybe it’s all a midlife crisis and I’m grasping for my missing youth. Whatever it is, it feels super.

Capitalism: A Love Story review

Michael Moore’s films are not for everyone. The Teabaggers of the country won’t want to see anything he does, but as he makes some entertaining documentaries the rest of us can enjoy what he does.

Capitalism: A Love Story was a good documentary. Not great, but good. Here’s my review.

The Brothers Bloom review

This was a movie I looked forward to seeing when it came out on DVD. It proved entertaining, but not an excellent film. Still, it’s worth seeing. Here’s my review.