Valentino: The Last Emperor review

You would think that a woman like me who loves reviewing the various images of the various fashion designers, it’s not surprising that I also enjoy documentaries about fashion designers. And yes, I liked Valentino: The Last Emperor. Here’s my review. Now just don’t expect me to wear any of these designer clothes.


Comic Books for the Week – February 25

Dang. I went to Hastings to pick up this week’s comic books. One issue I wanted to buy is the Wonder Woman #41, but once again, as in the last few months, it was already sold out. So what’s the deal? I finally talked to one of the employees who really knows the comic book situation. It seems they only order two copies and one woman buys both.

Well, I like that Wonder Woman has an audience, but can’t the store order more than just two? I’ve decided that if I want to get my intake of Wonder Woman I need to be on their “order” list. Next month I’ll get my Wonder Woman issue!

I may want to hit a comic book store in Phoenix to pick up a few past issues. Meanwhile, here’s this week’s purchases:

  • Red Robin #9 – picked this up because it’s a lead-in to the next story arc in Batgirl, which is my favorite series so far.
  • Fantastic Four #576 – I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with Fantastic Four, but it is fun reacquainting myself with this old favorite.
  • New Avengers #62 – The last three issues have been fun, so I will continue with this one. Though what makes them “New” Avengers, I don’t know. You can get also get “Dark” Avengers or “Mighty” Avengers. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m all new to these updated books.

While scanning the comic book shelves at Hasting I talked to another two shoppers. Young men looking for the New Avengers and Thor. We laughed over the changes in the artwork. They understood what I had to say about how lots had changed, but not necessarily the characters. The one young man talked about his favorites. He really like the Thunderbolts, who seem to be more of a bunch of bad guys.

It’s a brave new world for a middle-aged woman re-capturing the thrill of comic book obsession.

Latest TV Show Addiction

Over the weekend I’ve found myself watching the first seasons of two different TV shows. Season 1 of Dr. Who has been totally enjoyable. I’m also watching Fringe. I do love John Noble in his role as Dr. Walter Bishop. Strange and funny.

Okay, that’s all I popped in to say. It’s back to another episode of Fringe.

Riordan Mansion

Anyone who lives in Flagstaff knows of Riordan Mansion. Riordan, the home for two of the Riordan brothers (bigwigs in early Flagstaff) has been one of our state parks. Visitors to Flagstaff can get a better sense of the history of Flagstaff, plus see a prime example of Arts and Crafts style architecture and furniture.

Here’s what’s embarrassing: the only reason I know the above information is that I finally toured Riordan Mansion. Yes, I’ve lived in Flagstaff for 17 years and I only now make it to the place for an enlightening look at early Flagstaff history.

So, why did I finally decided to go now? There may not be a chance to see it after February 22nd. The yahoos in our state legislature have taken the funds for state parks to help “balance” the state budget. There is no money to run Riordan Mansion. Don’t get me started on this. These legislators are yahoos because they’re cutting education, parks, and health care, but also plan on passing tax cuts for corporations! Yes, you got that right, tax CUTS. When they can’t even balance a budget they want to take more money out of the state coffers. Ugly, ugly yahoos, aren’t they?

Anyway, if  you’re in Flagstaff for the next week, do check  out Riordan Mansion. Make sure to reserve the tour in advance. Their tours are filling up. Maybe it’s folks like me, procrastinators who wait until the last minute to see a local treasure.

Joel Salatin

I wish more of the animals raised for our food were raised by this guy:

I like Joel Salatin’s philosophy. He was one of the more entertaining interviewees in the film Food, Inc., a film that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. It’s a movie worth seeing, especially for what Joel Salatin has to say.

The Princess and the Frog review

I so like my Disney animated movies. You can imagine my joy when I heard about The Princess and the Frog. I saw it on opening day. Here’s my enthusiastic review.

Changing My Look

No, I’m not changing my real life look. I’m so set in my ways that you can always count on me to look casual with curly hair going crazy, glasses, and minimal make-up. I’m nothing you’d see on a fashion magazine. That’s why I’ve always had fun with Second Life. All kinds of looks and a huge wardrobe to play with. It’s too much fun to play with everything that’s available to me in Second Life.

I haven’t played in Second Life very often lately, but one day I opened it up and decided to go for a very different look. My avatar, Moran, was normally a petite brunette, so let me try a more buxom blond.  I came up with this:

Blond in red swimsuit

 Yep, that’s a blonde in a red swimsuit standing around somewhere. Not my normal look. Blondie has more of a tan and really likes the super-light blonde hair.

And while I’m at it, here’s another  look at her:

Yellow and Black Outfit with Blonde Hair

 Of course, playing around with a different look is fun, but I found that I had to go back to my brunette look. I decided to take it to an extreme. Just call this “Back in Black” and I mean big time:

Back in Black look.

I did try some light colored eyes, instead of my dark brown or gray eyes I usually wear. I think these looked rather spooky:

Weird eyes

I eventually went back to my more normal casual look. A cute outfit and some casual hair and I’m feeling my old self again:

Plum Outfit from Bossa Nova

 Will I stay with my normal look? Well, as I don’t go into Second Life as often as I used to, it might be fun to try something new. Then again, I do like how Moran represents me. She usually looks like a nice person, isn’t dressed in too sexualized a manner (well, okay, sometimes she is), and she’s been known to wear glasses just like the real me. Yeah, I think I’m okay with this look.

Plum Outfit