Comic Books for the Week – February 25

Dang. I went to Hastings to pick up this week’s comic books. One issue I wanted to buy is the Wonder Woman #41, but once again, as in the last few months, it was already sold out. So what’s the deal? I finally talked to one of the employees who really knows the comic book situation. It seems they only order two copies and one woman buys both.

Well, I like that Wonder Woman has an audience, but can’t the store order more than just two? I’ve decided that if I want to get my intake of Wonder Woman I need to be on their “order” list. Next month I’ll get my Wonder Woman issue!

I may want to hit a comic book store in Phoenix to pick up a few past issues. Meanwhile, here’s this week’s purchases:

  • Red Robin #9 – picked this up because it’s a lead-in to the next story arc in Batgirl, which is my favorite series so far.
  • Fantastic Four #576 – I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with Fantastic Four, but it is fun reacquainting myself with this old favorite.
  • New Avengers #62 – The last three issues have been fun, so I will continue with this one. Though what makes them “New” Avengers, I don’t know. You can get also get “Dark” Avengers or “Mighty” Avengers. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m all new to these updated books.

While scanning the comic book shelves at Hasting I talked to another two shoppers. Young men looking for the New Avengers and Thor. We laughed over the changes in the artwork. They understood what I had to say about how lots had changed, but not necessarily the characters. The one young man talked about his favorites. He really like the Thunderbolts, who seem to be more of a bunch of bad guys.

It’s a brave new world for a middle-aged woman re-capturing the thrill of comic book obsession.


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