Catching Up on Comic Books – March 16

I made it to an Atomic Comics in Mesa yesterday. My goal was to pick up issue 2 of Batgirl. The place didn’t have one. I did pick up some Detective Comics featuring Batwoman. J.H. Williams III’s artwork is so amazing that I had to pick up a few back issues. These were #854, 856, and 858.

As for last week’s purchases, I picked up the following:

Batgirl #8 – This is a crossover with Red Robin. Too bad that the new artist distracted me. Nope, I didn’t like it how the characters were drawn. Too stylized and awkward.

Doom Patrol #8 – I’m not sure if I’ll continue reading this comic. It has its moments, but I feel so out of the loop when I read it. I keep thinking that I’ll be up-to-date on the characters and their backgrounds will all become clear. I’ll give it a few more issues.

Secret Six #19 – First purchase of a Secret Six. I follow writer Gail Simone on Twitter so thought I’d give it a try. I only picked it up today, so have no idea if I’ll like it. Fingers are crossed.

Fables #92 – Kelly Thompson of She Has No Head! praised the Fables series in her write-up of Ten Women of Fables that I had to pick up an issue. With all the characters based on fairy tale stories it certainly has an entertaining premise. I enjoyed this first foray into this world, and with the local library stocking up several collections of the series, I’ll be getting caught up.

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #2Pixie Strikes Back is a short-run series that sounded cute. Unfortunately, I feel stupid and slow when reading it. Is it the writing of the comic that leaves me confused or is it just the lack of knowledge of these characters? Trust me, I feel so lost. Who are these folks and why am I reading about them? I am trying to support the comics with female characters, written and/or drawn by women, but I wish I knew what is going on in these comic book worlds.

I didn’t write up my purchases from the week before. I picked up a handful. As I was willing to try some unknown books I went a little crazy. Here’s what I bought:

Detective Comics #862 – Batwoman and the Question. I’m enjoying both characters.

First Wave #1 – I don’t know, I couldn’t resist. Doc Savage and the Spirit in one comic book? I liked the first issue and will pick up the next one.

Girl Comics #1 – What a horrible name. Still, I bought it as a way to support the women involved in the comic book industry. Some stories were fun, some were just so-so, but nothing was too ridiculous.

Legends: The Enchanted – At only $1.00 I picked it up. It’s a preview issue for a hardback graphic novel. The artwork was stunning.

Mass Effect Redemption #3 – This is how out of touch I am — I had no idea that this comic was based on a video game. Still, it was rather entertaining.

While visiting the Atomic Comics I picked up the plastic comic covers, plus one box. My next visit I plan on buying covers for my old comics. Some are still in good shape, but others have torn. I’m blaming some of this on the cat, who decides to jump up into the box that the comics are in even though they’re sitting up high in the closet.

I’m looking forward to this week’s issue. I’ll treat myself to a Saturday morning in bed to read them. Sounds nice, huh?


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