Fires Around Here

It’s been crazy in Flagstaff the last few days. Two fires have hit us, coming close enough to cause evacuations. None have hit near where I live, but it does make for a case of the jitters where you pay attention to any alerts to new fires in the area.

The Hardy Fire that started on Saturday is in good shape. The firefighters took care of it enough to have the evacuees affected by that fire able to return home. Now we’re dealing with the Schultz Pass Fire. This thing has grown to 10,000 acres and has caused evacuations in northeastern Flagstaff. One of my co-workers is stuck in a Motel 8 waiting for the all clear to return home.

Good firefighters and lots of support from all around Arizona are helping beat back this fire, but it looks like it will take some time to contain the whole thing.

I’m telling you, it’s just crazy time around here.


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