Today is this blog’s anniversary. Six years ago I made my first post.

Of course, I can’t say I have been blogging for six years. Taking a two-year break kind of screws those numbers.


Among the Living

There is something about using Twitter and Facebook that fulfills my need to write about myself. That certainly leaves this blog in a lonely state, doesn’t it? Really, I’ll try and post something soon. Meanwhile, here’s some good blog posts that keep me entertained…



I managed to do two workouts as prescribed (Rx’d). Amazing for me, but then again, when there are no prescribed weights or pull-ups or box jumps at a certain height I can do the activities. Oh, or if the workouts require muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, or rope climbs, I’m not going to Rx it. Anyway, felt good doing the two as prescribed:

  • Michael (okay, I didn’t do the 800m runs, but we thought we WERE doing 800 meters so I consider it was as prescribed)
  • Fun and Fortitude (I even beat a firebreather — he forgot how to do single unders and had to slow down)


I’ll try not to be so remiss in my blogging duties (“there is no ‘try,’ only ‘do’).


‘Nuther Blog for Me – Flag Gal

I know that I have enough of a problem trying to post here on a regular basis, so why am I adding another blog? Flag Gal is Working Out keeps the focus to my workouts and health info, and though I am quite the dilettante I just think I want to keep that focus in a separate area. I’ll crosspost sometimes, but will keep the details of every workout and every new health discovery over on Flag Gal and only put the highlights here.

Oh, you can go visit and laugh at the pictures of me doing the fitness thing. I’m no poster child for being fit, but compared to the past few years? I’m looking damn good.

Recovery Time and Attitude

Letting my body recover tonight after I went to CrossFit two days in a row. I came home and took my dog Spencer for a quick hike. That’s about the activity level I can handle.

I’m also feeling lazy. So nothing I want to write about. Yeah, that does sound like too much attitude coming off of me, huh? Sounds sort of like “Suffer everyone, because I do not deign to write.”

Hey, go ahead and suffer. It’s my quads that are suffering due to pulling muscles while sprinting yesterday. So, suffer, everyone.  I’m finished writing.


I went out of town for the weekend and haven’t posted anything since late last week. What to say? There’s more reviews I could post, but my allergies are taking a toll on me and I’m feeling wiped out. Yeah, copying and pasting one of my reviews into WordPress is soooooo hard. Sheesh. Just allow me my flimsy excuses.

So, here’s a few interesting things I’ve found fun and/or interesting:

  • Pay Now, Live Later has a nice video about eating habits that I’m trying to achieve:

    His take on exercise can also be found here.

  • You can catch some nice videos of the Crossfit Great Basin Regional Qualifiers held here in Flagstaff.
  • I had a mini physical over a week ago. I loved my new cholesterol results. I’ve been working hard to get my HDL (the “good” cholesterol) up. Having it at 60 and above is optimal. Last physical it was at 46. Now my HDL is up at 71.
  • Poor Chuck Wicks got sent home on Dancing with the Stars. I was sort of rooting for him. Oh well.
  • I’m too excited about the upcoming Star Trek movie. Here’s a scene of a young Kirk (Chris Pine) trying to pick up cadet Uhura (Zoe Saldana) in a bar. I’m telling you, they never mentioned that in the original series:

Okay, I guess I did have something to post about.

Color Change

I’ve played with my blog’s color theme again. Let’s see how long this lasts!

As For Me?

I got nuthin’.