Twilight of My Misery

I was reading Entertainment Weekly last week and I didn’t get one of the cultural references in a joke. I decided it was time to catch up on the current major cultural phenomenon around. Yes, I am watching the Twilight films.

Last week I waded through the first film, Twilight. Tonight it’s New Moon. I don’t think I’m the intended audience for this vat of wimpy moodiness.

At least there are werewolves to lighten the mood. Plus we get Michael Sheen, an actor that I love. He plays Volturi, the leader of vampires. Why do all vampire leaders come across so decadently? I’d love to see a jolly fat one.

I will not be standing in line to see the upcoming Eclipse. I might eventually get around seeing it on DVD when I’m needing some snooze time.


Extraordinary Measures review

A decent cast can’t help raise this film to more than another “disease of the week” TV movie status. Here’s my review.

Leap Year review

Here’s another review that I have not yet posted. Sweet, but also the usual frustrating romantic comedy, Leap Year has its good points, but settles for the usual rom-com tropes. Here’s my review.

Twilighting Tonight

Do I suck as a blogger or what? I’ll post something tonight just to prove I’m alive, but what? Should I post about what I’m watching? Sure, I’ll get past the shame and tell you.

I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to catch up on a cultural phenomenon. I’m watching “Twilight.” You know, the one about moody teens and vampires.

Yes, I’ll finally understand what the whole Team Edward and Team Jacob thing is all about.

The Guild

I stumbled upon the comic book version of The Guild, which I am enjoying. This led me to view both “seasons” 1 and 2 of the web episodes.

I have to admit, I do like Felicia Day and the characters created. It helps that I’ve had fun with Second Life so much, and though the game that the Guild plays (World of Warcraft type game?) is different than Second Life, that whole creating a role to play is familiar.

Season 3 is my next viewing fun this week. I tell you, there’s just too much clever TV and web programming to keep up with. In honor of the fun that Felicia Day offers, here’s there video “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?”:

Watching an Old Favorite

It’s a night for an old favorite in the DVD player. It’s Bend it Like Beckham. How can you not love a movie about a young woman wanting to break out of the family’s expectations for her that is laced with lots of laughs and some great music?

Osmosis Jones for Tonight’s Movie

Tonight is all about kids’ movies. First I watched Planet 51 and then, in a desire to maintain the silly mood, I decided to stream Osmosis Jones from Netflix. Why I find the combination of a live action Bill Murray and an animated version of his innards so amusing is beyond me, but it soothes me to think of all these critters inside of me doing battle against evil viruses and bacteria.