My Version of a Nooner

I’m thinking of hitting CrossFit at noon. I so need a workout. I’ll update if I do it.

Update: Yep, I did it. It was a fun WOD. We could choose any of the workouts performed at our local CrossFit gym this week. With my lower back complaining this week, I chose “Cindy” – as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 pull-ups (assisted by green band), 10 push-ups (got four rounds of full push-ups before switching to the knees on the ground), 15 squats (not much depth as I was protecting my back). Felt good I went.


Dang Muscles

Muscles like to remind you that they are there, hiding under flesh and skin. The dang things do it in a rather passive-aggressive style.  They’ll stay nice and quiet while you ignore them, but as soon as you ask them to do something above and beyond the normal, they’ll get pissy and complain.

My CrossFit workout last night was a doozy. It wasn’t the six attempts at finding your longest broad jump, nor was it the “Death by 10 meter Sprints,” it was the walking lunges. OUCH.

We do squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks, and all kinds of other moves regularly, but we don’t do lunges very often. So my quads, hammies, and glutes remind me angrily of this fact after I do them. Last night I lunged  200 meters… and god, was it hard to do. So today, and definitely tomorrow, and at least three more days after that, my muscles will complain in a snitty little manner about how badly I ignore them all the time, and too bad I’m not nicer to them when it counts, and gee, it’s not their fault that I’m miserable.

Yep, we’re in a relationship that needs some work.

Let Me Just Sit Here Now

Finally made it to CrossFit tonight. I’d had a cold last week, so it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been. What a workout, one that I would not have suggested for someone who had been phlegm and mucus-filled all last week.

The workout was “Angie” — a named workout of the day.

  • 100 pull-ups
  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 squats

Oh god. I did it, but it wasn’t easy. My pull-ups were jumping pull-ups, my push-ups started as full-body push-ups, but that didn’t last long. I switched to knee push-ups after nine full ones. Getting to a 100 of these was the hardest.

100 sit-ups? Easy-peasy. If you told me two years ago that I would look at “100 sit-ups” on the board and think to myself, “That’ll be easy, I can really plow through those,” I would have thought you insane. Yet, that’s how I now feel about sit-ups.

The squats weren’t pleasant. I was really concentrating on form, so my knees wouldn’t be in pain later. It meant doing sets of five, and then 3, and then 2. After 60 at full depth, discretion over valor won out, and I switched to a box to squat down to for the last 40. Not at full depth, but I could ensure that my butt was back and my chest was up.

It took me 28:06 to get through it all. I’m feeling good now, but we’ll see how those muscles complain tomorrow and the next day. Right now? I’m just going to sit here.

Tonight’s Workout – Nancy

How did tonight’s CrossFit workout end up so fun? Maybe because compatriot CrossFitter Eileen teamed up with me to cheer me on while I worked, and I offered the same support while she did it.

The WOD was “Nancy” — giving me some practice with the snatch, plus my nemisis: running.

Five rounds for time:

  • 15 hang power snatch 95/65 pounds
  • 400 meter run

I used 44 pounds for the snatch. Not bad, but I still think that I really need to work on my shrug and getting under the bar faster. I chipped through the 15 snatches each round.

Here’s how a good hang power snatch should look:

It was the run that got me. I’ve had a cold and am getting over it, but that means my lungs have plenty of phlegm. Not any more. Each round I’d cough up some more. I only made it through one of the 400m runs without stopping. Though I do wonder, even without the remnants of a cold, could I make it through without stopping? Not likely. Running is my goat.

So, made it through the workout and now have plenty of energy. Funny how that works.

CrossFit and Romance Do Mix!

All right. I know I’ve really bought into the whole CrossFit thing, practicing pull-ups and squats every chance I get, loving the camaraderie, repeatedly urging friends to go, even looking forward to next week’s Fight Gone Bad workout. Yet this is the silliest yet — I find this video of a a marriage proposal at CrossFit the most romantic thing possible.

Pissy Cleaning

Surviving CrossFit workouts is sometimes my only goal. It’s not that I don’t try to achieve more than mere survival, but personal records sometimes goes by the wayside as I struggle through the exercises.

Tonight’s workout was good, but I felt so frustrated by my lack of skill. The warm-up and buy in was fine.


  • 3 minutes of double-unders or attempts — I have yet to do a double under (2 rotations of jump rope for each jump), but I’m cutting myself slack on this one.
  • 10 shoulder rolls
  • 10 overhead squats
  • 10 push-ups

Buy In:

  • 25 back extensions
  • 25 hip extensions
  • 10 “Snakeys” (combined hip and back extensions at slow and focused pace – kind of a snake move)


All I had to do was push presses. Do seven one-rep attempts. My attempts were 20k – 25k -30k(failed) – 27k – 27k – 30k – 30k. So my best was 66 pounds. Not bad. I felt okay about this as my shoulder strength is on the sucky side and it’s taking me time to build up the muscles.

Then we had to take our max weight on the push press and do as many hang cleans as possible. Here’s where the frustration began. I couldn’t do one at 30k. Cullen kept trying to coach me through it, but there seemed no possible way to get my arms around to “receive” the bar, much less quickly squat below the bar. Aargh. Several attempts at the move just made me feel weaker and clumsier.

Cullen had me grab an empty bar and practice the move. It seemed simple at a low weight. I tried the 30k load again and could only get the bar up to my chest height. Cullen and Katie kept telling me that this height was great if I would just squat low enough while bringing my arms quickly around to catch the bar in a good racked position. Shiiiit. No luck.

So Cullen then had me doing front squats — a move I hate. I can’t seem to keep upright and move my butt back enough to do them well. I really try to keep my hamstrings and butt doing the work instead of my quadriceps, as too much load on the quads fires up my knee pain. So, lousy squats and a tired body led to some real pissy mood coming from me.

I was ready to quit. Cullen was so sweet. He kindly acknowledged my feelings, then the bastard made me keep trying the moves. Sweet my ass.

In my frustration I tried cleaning the unweighted bar and it felt fine. This was ridiculous. I just needed at least one clean with some weight. I put down the unweighted bar and went back to the 30k bar. I said “the hell with this” and took off 5k. Lo and behold, I had no problem hoisting the bar up in a decent hang clean. Cullen and Katie both complimented me on my form, which still may not have been great, but I was doing the lift.

Cullen had me practice and practice the move at the lower weight. Katie took pictures and even showed me one shot that proved I was getting the bar high enough with my shrug of the shoulders. If I could only squat quickly (and safely) while getting my elbows up and around I would be able to handle the heavier weight. Cullen then had me do as many as I could  using the old “just one more” routine (I’m a sucker for that one). I made it to eight cleans before the ninth refused to get up to my shoulders — or I refused to squat low enough to catch it. I tried a few more times but I was at my limit.

I survived tonight’s workout. I didn’t exceed any expectations, nor achieve any huge milestones, but I did finish the workout. It took a while, but I walked out of there knowing a bit more about doing cleans than when I walked in the door. I guess I am proud of myself for doing the work even with a pissy attitude.

I’ll certainly remember this workout. After all, starting tomorrow my shoulders will let me know that I worked them hard.

Video on doing the hang clean:

Trying it On

I did the silly thing I do on certain weekend mornings (I’m off this Monday, so it’s my extended weekend), I tried on various clothes in my closet. It’s a habit brought about by losing weight. I need to know what shirts go with what pants/shorts/skirts.

I keep buying new clothes, usually from Savers. Thank gods for Savers. I don’t mind wearing used clothes as long as they fit. It’s fun to buy lots of  clothes, and the cheap prices at Savers allows me this enjoyment.

This morning I finally managed to zip and button up one of my favorite skirts. This Liz Claiborne skirt is one of the few remaining items from when I used to be a size 12 back in the late 1990s. I’ve kept it through all the weight gain, just because I loved the long, gored skirt. It always made me feel good when I wore it. As I’ve lost a lot of weight this last year, I’d try it on about once a month to see how far I could get it up my thighs, then how much I could pull up the zipper, then when I would manage to button it up. Today was that day. Oh, it is still snug, but I’ll be wearing it come fall and winter.

My guess is that I’ll need to buy lots of winter clothes, as I have few items left that really fit. I’m looking forward to it. A few outings to Savers and to the local department stores will get me stocked up nicely.

Yep, I’ll be trying everything on every weekend for the next six months. Though a silly habit, it’s not a bad one at all.