Snow Day

We’ve had one of our spring break snowstorms. Over a foot of snow so far with plenty of shoveling opportunities. The real joy is that a snow day has already been called for Monday, so my Spring Break vacation gets extended an extra day. After five days in fabulous, but hectic New York City, having a few days to lounge at home is lovely.


Schultz Fire Today

We had a scary afternoon in Flagstaff. We heard that the firefighters had a handle on the Schultz Fire, but around 1:00PM a huge plume of smoke roiled above the Dry Lake Hills north of town. It looked like things were out of control.

Schultz Fire June 24

Photo of Schultz Fire by Dan Stoffel

We all felt quite happy when hearing that it was all due to a planned burnout operation.

The fire is now 40% contained. That is some lovely news!

Fires Around Here

It’s been crazy in Flagstaff the last few days. Two fires have hit us, coming close enough to cause evacuations. None have hit near where I live, but it does make for a case of the jitters where you pay attention to any alerts to new fires in the area.

The Hardy Fire that started on Saturday is in good shape. The firefighters took care of it enough to have the evacuees affected by that fire able to return home. Now we’re dealing with the Schultz Pass Fire. This thing has grown to 10,000 acres and has caused evacuations in northeastern Flagstaff. One of my co-workers is stuck in a Motel 8 waiting for the all clear to return home.

Good firefighters and lots of support from all around Arizona are helping beat back this fire, but it looks like it will take some time to contain the whole thing.

I’m telling you, it’s just crazy time around here.

Riordan Mansion

Anyone who lives in Flagstaff knows of Riordan Mansion. Riordan, the home for two of the Riordan brothers (bigwigs in early Flagstaff) has been one of our state parks. Visitors to Flagstaff can get a better sense of the history of Flagstaff, plus see a prime example of Arts and Crafts style architecture and furniture.

Here’s what’s embarrassing: the only reason I know the above information is that I finally toured Riordan Mansion. Yes, I’ve lived in Flagstaff for 17 years and I only now make it to the place for an enlightening look at early Flagstaff history.

So, why did I finally decided to go now? There may not be a chance to see it after February 22nd. The yahoos in our state legislature have taken the funds for state parks to help “balance” the state budget. There is no money to run Riordan Mansion. Don’t get me started on this. These legislators are yahoos because they’re cutting education, parks, and health care, but also plan on passing tax cuts for corporations! Yes, you got that right, tax CUTS. When they can’t even balance a budget they want to take more money out of the state coffers. Ugly, ugly yahoos, aren’t they?

Anyway, if  you’re in Flagstaff for the next week, do check  out Riordan Mansion. Make sure to reserve the tour in advance. Their tours are filling up. Maybe it’s folks like me, procrastinators who wait until the last minute to see a local treasure.

More Snow – A Pain in the Back

We’re expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow tonight. After our 4 feet that fell two weeks ago, I’m not so thrilled about more snow. Luckily, I do not need to drive anywhere tomorrow, so I’m taking my muscle relaxants and ibuprofen and taking it easy.

Yes, my back went out a month ago and it’s now gone into defcon 4 mode. I’m in PAIN. Went to the doctor yesterday and he set me up with medicine. Monday I go back and hope that he can adjust my body to help relieve the hurt, ’cause it sucks trying to bend over and put my socks and shoes on.

So I’m hoping the snow tonight isn’t too heavy. It is a real pain in the back trying to shovel snow.


A back in pain, a ticket to see Spike Lee at NAU, snowy weather, and a case of the lazies. Yep, I’m not making it to campus to see Spike Lee. Sad, isn’t it? Well, you drive on a dark road with snow falling while your back hurts. I’ll stay home.

Visioneers review

Visioneers is a strange little movie. I wanted to like it more than I did, but looking back, I think my “C” grade is a tad low. Compared to some other movies I’ve rated that low lately, I’d change the grade to at least a “C+” — it’s hard to keep the grades straight over time.

Anyway, here’s the review.

P.S. Supposedly Zach Galifianakis was up here in Northern Arizona a few weeks back. He may even have been hanging out in Flagstaff. No, I didn’t see him around, but I did go downtown the night I heard that some of the cast and crew for Due Date were staying at a downtown hotel one Thursday night. What would I have done if I’d seen him? Hell, I don’t know. I suck in those “seeing a celebrity before me” situations.