One Clean Cat

HOW in the heck did a cat learn this kind of behavior? Cute, funny, and pretty darn amazing:

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I’m watching episodes of Ctrl on Hulu. What a fun concept. A computer keyboard gives a nerd magical abilities in a life-changing way. Just watch out for the Copy and Paste shortcuts.

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Crazy Goat or Jerry Lewis?

This goat made me laugh, especially after reading Nia Vardalos’ (@NiaVardalos) tweet about it on Twitter. She wondered if the goat was going for the Jerry Lewis imitation. You be the judge:

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Do Re Mi Fun

I’m sure everyone’s already seen this, but I have to post it. A song from a musical, a busy train station, and something fun happening. I’d be giddy if I saw something like this happening around me.

Diva’s Lament

Haven’t we all felt like this at one time or another in our life?

Sara Ramirez in Spamalot.

My Super Avatar

If you could become a superhero, what would you be? Costumed, caped, with marvelous abilities? Well, here’s your chance. You can create your own alter ego in a superhero avatar at The Hero Factory.

Here’s what I’d be if I was saving the world on a daily basis:

My Super Avatar - The Caped Splinter

My Super Avatar - The Caped Splinter

Totally cool, huh? What can you come up with? Visit The Hero Factory.

A Prop 8 Musical? Why Not!

I do like this video. Marc Shaiman’s music (he’s at the piano) and quite a group of talented performers makes for something funny.

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