A Prop 8 Musical? Why Not!

I do like this video. Marc Shaiman’s music (he’s at the piano) and quite a group of talented performers makes for something funny.

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Happy Zombie

Ah, there’s nothing like trundling off to bed about 2:30 in the morning. Though I know I dozed a bit on the couch last night. Yes, falling asleep while sitting up with my laptop in my lap. Hey, I had to read everything about Obama’s win last night.

So, sometime after midnight I woke up  enough with a whiplash  effect (sleeping sitting up is just not great for the neck), and instead of going to bed I stayed up a few more hours. Now? I am a zombie.

Yeah, I woke up to read more about election night. I wanted to see how the Al Franken/Norm Coleman race came out — it’s heading for a recount. Plus the Oregon and Alaska senate races weren’t called last night. Today it looks like a convicted felon will hold on to the Alaska senate seat and the Oregon ballets are stil being counted. Even better, the Georgia race still had plenty of early ballots to count and the senate race will go to a runoff in December (Georgia requires at least 50% of the vote).

My zombiehood is a happy one. Obama won decisively, and though he didn’t win Arizona, he won lots of other states. Plus, Ann Kirkpatrick won the Arizona CD-1 congressional seat vacated by Rick Renzi. Yay!

It wasn’t a perfect election (Prop 8 passed in California and so did Prop 102 in Arizona — both anti-gay propositions). Arizona’s legislature will ralso emain too Republican. Still, I’m pretty happy.

Now if only I could stop being a zombie, even if I’m a happy one. I have things to do!


It’s going to be so great to have a president that can talk in complete sentences. Obama is amazing.

Wrong Number?

So there I am, making calls from the Coconino County Democratic Party Headquarters. Things are going fine. I’m leaving messages or talking to very nice people. I hang up the phone after finishing a call and the phone rings. I pick it up and guess what? It’s a John McCain robocall!

I’d say they’re calling the wrong number, wouldn’t you?

Phone-Banking Fun

Okay, “Phone-Banking Fun” is not an accurate title. Phone-banking is not necessarily fun. Sometimes you talk to an enthusiastic potential voter and it makes up for all the voice mail messages you have to leave, but I’m still not going to define it as fun. Sometimes you get a grumpy person that you have to cheerfully urge to go to the polls. Nope, fun is not the word.

My goal tonight was to remind people that Tuesday is election day. I’d tell them where to vote, plus remind them that in Arizona they better bring some ID. You know, some folks were happy to talk to me; some not so happy, but overall, us voters in Arizona haven’t had many phone calls this election season. The last couple of elections it seemed that I would have at least three messages waiting for me urging to vote for someone. This year it’s been awfully quiet. Though I do hear that John McCain has decided to do some robo-calling to remind us that he’s our senator and Obama is dangerous…or something like that.

Ugh. Robocalls. At least when I’m phone-banking at county Democratic Party headquarters I’m a real live person calling. And I’m trying to provide information to help the voters. So there.

Yeah, it’s not fun, but it does feel good doing the calling. I urge everyone to vote if they can and to ask others to vote too. Having a record-breaking turnout on election day voting for Obama and change is my idea of fun.

Volunteer Time

Today I worked at the local Dem Headquarters. I’ve been rather lax in my election volunteering, but scheduled time for today, for Thursday, Saturday, and as I’m taking off all next week, both Monday and election day.

My job today was to call folks who requested an early ballot and to make sure they got the ballot and ask if they’ve sent it back. Easy-peasy. This weekend will involve neighborhood walking.

At HQ we were all excited by the latest polls showing a tightening race in Arizona. There’s been three polls in the last few days, putting the race within 5 points or less. DailyKos has a good roundup of the polls. Knowing that the race is close makes volunteering so much more fun.

McCain in Trouble in Arizona?

I heard rumors, but this is exciting news… as long as you’re not John McCain. McCain is barely ahead in his home state of Arizona. Kos just posted this information at DailyKos.

Likely voters
McCain 44
Obama 40

Early voters (34% of sample)
McCain 46
Obama 47

The polling is from Myers Research and Groves Insight with a 4% margin of error. Kos also mentions that another poll from ASU will be released soon with similar numbers.

Wow. Could McCain lose Arizona?