Barking Dogs

Barking dogs. That’s what I have in my house. Two dogs, one who barks a lot, and one who is in a rare mood to bark. Of course, it could be that his rare bout of barking is in reaction to my blowing in his face.


Bottom Shelf Heaven

All right, how in the heck did my dogs, Duke and Spencer, manage to open the refrigerator door? Please tell me that it wasn’t closed all the way. The thought that they are learning to open it scares me. This happened once before. I’m just hoping it’s due to the door not being securely closed.

Oh, and they enjoyed the meat selection, all stored on the bottom shelf. This included my planned dinner, a salmon fillet. Hmph. Bottom shelf goodies galore. Dang dogs.

One Clean Cat

HOW in the heck did a cat learn this kind of behavior? Cute, funny, and pretty darn amazing:

via DailyKos.


This afternoon our office closed shop early and headed to Bushmaster Park for a BBQ. I think a good time was had by all. The little kids had the playground to romp in, the adults had good food and great company, and the dogs, including my new dog Duke, got to do plenty of wrestling and roughhousing with each other.

Making it Through the Week

What a crazy week. The start of the semester at NAU always throws me for a loop. I work in a tech support department that assists NAU faculty. It’s been insane this week. Due to our budget cuts we’ve lost some of our student worker help and that means a lot more work for us full-time folks. Thus, a crazy week. We made it though.

I stayed in bed until noon today — a well-deserved sleeping in, if you ask me. I only had one thing to deal with today and that was cleaning the house. I was having visitors. Paw Placement was coming over for a home visit. I’m adopting a dog named Duke and this was the first visit to see how Duke got along with my dog Spencer. It went well — no fights, no growling, and no unseemly behavior. Spencer wasn’t a love puppy, but he wasn’t obnoxious. That’s a victory to me.

Now I’m just sitting back in my clean house, watching some of season seven West Wing episodes. Hey, I made it through the week, I’m allowed to relax.

Lonely Dog

Spencer is standing on the back deck and barking out at the world. The world isn’t answering back.

I think he needs another dog for company.

Wrapped Up and in the Dark

The landlord has hired painters to paint my place’s exterior. There’s nothing like having the windows and doors covered to make it even darker than my place already is. Lulu kitty and Spencer are freaking out at the activity outside. I’m just happy that the weather is cool today so it’s nice and comfortable sitting inside.

It should be interesting to see the place painted. It’s been looking like a hillbilly shack for way too long.