Changing My Look

No, I’m not changing my real life look. I’m so set in my ways that you can always count on me to look casual with curly hair going crazy, glasses, and minimal make-up. I’m nothing you’d see on a fashion magazine. That’s why I’ve always had fun with Second Life. All kinds of looks and a huge wardrobe to play with. It’s too much fun to play with everything that’s available to me in Second Life.

I haven’t played in Second Life very often lately, but one day I opened it up and decided to go for a very different look. My avatar, Moran, was normally a petite brunette, so let me try a more buxom blond.  I came up with this:

Blond in red swimsuit

 Yep, that’s a blonde in a red swimsuit standing around somewhere. Not my normal look. Blondie has more of a tan and really likes the super-light blonde hair.

And while I’m at it, here’s another  look at her:

Yellow and Black Outfit with Blonde Hair

 Of course, playing around with a different look is fun, but I found that I had to go back to my brunette look. I decided to take it to an extreme. Just call this “Back in Black” and I mean big time:

Back in Black look.

I did try some light colored eyes, instead of my dark brown or gray eyes I usually wear. I think these looked rather spooky:

Weird eyes

I eventually went back to my more normal casual look. A cute outfit and some casual hair and I’m feeling my old self again:

Plum Outfit from Bossa Nova

 Will I stay with my normal look? Well, as I don’t go into Second Life as often as I used to, it might be fun to try something new. Then again, I do like how Moran represents me. She usually looks like a nice person, isn’t dressed in too sexualized a manner (well, okay, sometimes she is), and she’s been known to wear glasses just like the real me. Yeah, I think I’m okay with this look.

Plum Outfit


May Day Party

Last night I jumped into Second Life to join the Friday night Thinking Liberally dance. The theme, since it was May 1st, was May Day. Yep, we honored working folks everywhere by wearing red and waving red flags. Solidarity, baby!

It was also Jillan McMillan’s Rez Day party, which really makes it a good reason to join in the fun. Jillan is one of the dedicated folks in Second Life who is able to organize all kinds of parties and conferences. She’s just an all around good person, with a wicked sense of humor. The party was at her place. She decorated appropriately:

I took this shot of Lumi, one of the Thinking Liberally regulars. When the theme is RED, she went all out:

A red time was had by all! Workers of the World Unite!

My Christmas Freebies

As I mentioned in my post about some of the good holiday freebies, I picked up lots of gifts in Second Life at Ohana Isle and at Solange. I really loved the holiday boots Solange handed out:

I found them especially cute with two poses I whipped up. I also got a freebie Christmas gift at Artilleri’s. It’s the black, short-sleeved shirt with the red stripe (the sash was something I already had — from Persona, I think):

I need to get back into Second Life and gather more goodies. There’s some nice stuff available to prance around in.


Hunting and Shopping

I did some hunting and shopping yesterday. It’s easy to do while sick at home. Okay, it’s easy if you’re in Second Life. It all started with me fiddling around and coming up with two new poses:

I decided to reward myself by dressing up in my various ballgowns. I have many of these in Second Life; none in Real Life anymore. Here’s one ensemble I liked a lot:

Shiny gold gowns just make me happy.

I then felt I should reward myself by shopping. Hey, a whole new outfit to wear! Life is good. Here’s the shopping ensemble:

I received a shopping ad from Solange and thought I’d go check out the holiday dress she was advertising. I get there and what do I discover? A Christmas gift hunt! Solange has put out various red and green Christmas tree ornaments that hold freebie gifts. She’s putting a new one out every day. I love these hunts. I got most of the ornaments, but you do have to do some hunting. I even headed down below the building to see what I could find. Let’s just say that in real life my boots would have been ruined:

I then chatted with Jane about the hunt, she showed up in an adorable tiny bunny costume. And when I say tiny, I mean her avatar came to my knee and looked like a rabbit. I didn’t get a photo of her. I’ll have to do so next time I see her. She told me about the big Christmas Gift hunt on Ohana Isle. More freebies? Shops like Eolande offered various gifts if I can find the Santa hats. There are 45 of them and I’m telling you, it ain’t easy. There are five tiny hats that if found can help you win some prizes beyond the freebies sprinkled throughout the shops on the isle. I found several of the big hats and not a single one of the tiny hats. I kept taking breaks to sit on any provided sitting area. Here I am, up in a seat hanging from a tree limb trying to scope out my surroundings. Not easy scoping, I got to say.

I’m heading back to both places to see if I can find more. I’m having way too much fun getting over this cold!


Red Sari

In my concern over my mother’s health (she’s still in Intensive Care at the hospital) and stuck here in Flag due to my cold, I played around in Second Life. Trying outfits on and taking pictures seems to keep me occupied. Yesterday I tried on the red Menaka sari from Zaara.

I tried various hairdos and a skin or two. Here I am in the sari:

  1. Celestial Studios cashmere skin in Mid-Red and RaC’s Lola hair.
  2. KA skin in pale Drama and Detour’s Luna hair.
  3. KA skin again and RaC’s Lola hair again.
Moran Singh in her red sari

Moran Singh in her red sari

It’s a lovely outfit, don’t you think? Just the thing to take your mind off more serious matters.

And I look so good too!


Yellow Accessories

I popped into Second Life last night. I’d been working on some poses and wanted to see how they look. By the time I finished taking snapshots, I thought it might be fun to show one that I “adjusted” (that means I’ve messed with color levels and added some other color).

This pic doesn’t quite show the outfit. It’s from MichaMi. A nice glittery tube top with some leggings was fun to wear with the tousled Clever Trickster hairstyle by Find Ash. The makeup was a new one. I liked the dark gray lipstick. It’s from Tea Lane and is the Agave skin tone of the Kaia makeup . I definitely am a skinaholic. The shoes are the Dhali Bow Platforms from Armidi Gisaci. The bangles on the arm are the yellow Melange bangles from Zaara, as are the earrings.

Yep, a little bit of yellow goes a long way.



I’ve made a few visits to Second Life lately. I don’t do much, but I continue to have fun with clothes and hair. One night I tried on some old outfits, plus a few new outfits and had to take some snapshots. I can’t believe this still entertains me. I must be missing the days of my bubblehead Barbie.

Here’s various outfits:

I don’t remember having this many outfits with my Barbie.