How long can one woman sit on the couch? Well, if I’m anything to go by, it can be a long, long time.  I worked from home all day, and then decided to continue my “Bones” marathon. I’m standing as much as I can tomorrow.


Now I’m changing positions. It is time to go prone. It’s laying on the couch time!


Ready for the Lost Finale

I’ve watched the penultimate episode of Lost and am now ready for the grand finale. So, who is going to live? Who will die? Will it be a satisfying ending or something unsettling that does not satisfy? I guess I’ll have to wait until Sunday night. What will happen to Hurley?

Hurley is my favorite character. I will so miss him when the show is over. Here’s one of my favorite scenes:

The Guild

I stumbled upon the comic book version of The Guild, which I am enjoying. This led me to view both “seasons” 1 and 2 of the web episodes.

I have to admit, I do like Felicia Day and the characters created. It helps that I’ve had fun with Second Life so much, and though the game that the Guild plays (World of Warcraft type game?) is different than Second Life, that whole creating a role to play is familiar.

Season 3 is my next viewing fun this week. I tell you, there’s just too much clever TV and web programming to keep up with. In honor of the fun that Felicia Day offers, here’s there video “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?”:

Lost – “The Candidate”

Lost’s episode “The Candidate” that I watched tonight, packed quite a wallop. I’m still recovering. How to handle these last few episodes? I guess keep a box of hankies handy, something to sooth the nerves, and the willingness to accept what will happen, happens.

Lost – Another Great Episode

I watched the latest episode of Lost, “Ab Aeterno,” tonight. Thank heavens for the ability to watch TV series online. Lost is one show that I can’t wait until the DVDs come out. No, I must watch each episode of season 6 within one day. And this week’s show? Wow.

Nestor Carbonell’s acting gave Richard Alpert such depth. It shocks me how much my view of the character changed due to his portrayal of Richard’s fear, despair, and confusion. Carbonell also made Richard’s love for his dead wife incredibly moving. Yes, those were tears streaming down my face. What a great job from Carbonell and the writers.

This last season of Lost is half way through. I’m loving it so far, and expect that I will love it to the grand finale.

Wednesday Night Fun

I just had a lovely dinner out with a friend and now I’m home for my favorite Wednesday night event: watching last night’s episode of Lost on Hulu.

Lost Episode – Sundown

Have you seen the latest episode of Lost? “Sundown” just stunned me. Sayid is one of my favorite characters (Hurley is my #1 guy) and let’s just say that bad things happen with Sayid during this episode.

I do love that the show’s writers find a way to surprise me. Someone better be paying them big bucks for all their hard work. I hope they can keep the excitement and suspense going. The show is addictive.

So, when will Jin and Sun meet up again?