The sun is shining earlier now, which helps me get out of bed. Thank god we do not follow daylight savings time — the thought that it would be an hour darker now makes me shudder.

It is spring this week, and as soon as the two feet of snow melts it will start to look like it?¬†Though there’s a good start on melting. My front road is now a mud bog.

Ah, Spring


Snow Day

We’ve had one of our spring break snowstorms. Over a foot of snow so far with plenty of shoveling opportunities. The real joy is that a snow day has already been called for Monday, so my Spring Break vacation gets extended an extra day. After five days in fabulous, but hectic New York¬†City, having a few days to lounge at home is lovely.

More Snow – A Pain in the Back

We’re expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow tonight. After our 4 feet that fell two weeks ago, I’m not so thrilled about more snow. Luckily, I do not need to drive anywhere tomorrow, so I’m taking my muscle relaxants and ibuprofen and taking it easy.

Yes, my back went out a month ago and it’s now gone into defcon 4 mode. I’m in PAIN. Went to the doctor yesterday and he set me up with medicine. Monday I go back and hope that he can adjust my body to help relieve the hurt, ’cause it sucks trying to bend over and put my socks and shoes on.

So I’m hoping the snow tonight isn’t too heavy. It is a real pain in the back trying to shovel snow.

Snow and a Shovel or a Warm Bed

I’m happy that today is a vacation day for me. I lounged in bed most of the morning, then made a pot of decaf coffee, and only went out and shoveled the snow when I felt like it. Yeah, there’s nothing worse than having to shovel snow in the morning just to get to work. I like today’s method much better.

Month to Month

September is heading out and October coming in. I’m liking it! We’ll get down to below 30 degrees tomorrow night. Now that’s a way to start October.

Lovely Weather We’re Having

I just heard a crack of thunder. There’s rain falling. Best of all, the temperature is comfortably below 80 degrees.

Oh, yes, it’s lovely weather we’re having.

Blessed Rain

It finally felt cool today. The temperature kept creeping up to the mid-80s, which is uncomfortable for me. The inside of my place gets up above the 70s even with windows open and fans blowing.My coconut oil, which is normally solid at room temperature had melted this last week.

Now it’s raining. Oh yes, cool everything off!