Schultz Fire Today

We had a scary afternoon in Flagstaff. We heard that the firefighters had a handle on the Schultz Fire, but around 1:00PM a huge plume of smoke roiled above the Dry Lake Hills north of town. It looked like things were out of control.

Schultz Fire June 24

Photo of Schultz Fire by Dan Stoffel

We all felt quite happy when hearing that it was all due to a planned burnout operation.

The fire is now 40% contained. That is some lovely news!


Fires Around Here

It’s been crazy in Flagstaff the last few days. Two fires have hit us, coming close enough to cause evacuations. None have hit near where I live, but it does make for a case of the jitters where you pay attention to any alerts to new fires in the area.

The Hardy Fire that started on Saturday is in good shape. The firefighters took care of it enough to have the evacuees affected by that fire able to return home. Now we’re dealing with the Schultz Pass Fire. This thing has grown to 10,000 acres and has caused evacuations in northeastern Flagstaff. One of my co-workers is stuck in a Motel 8 waiting for the all clear to return home.

Good firefighters and lots of support from all around Arizona are helping beat back this fire, but it looks like it will take some time to contain the whole thing.

I’m telling you, it’s just crazy time around here.

More Snow – A Pain in the Back

We’re expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow tonight. After our 4 feet that fell two weeks ago, I’m not so thrilled about more snow. Luckily, I do not need to drive anywhere tomorrow, so I’m taking my muscle relaxants and ibuprofen and taking it easy.

Yes, my back went out a month ago and it’s now gone into defcon 4 mode. I’m in PAIN. Went to the doctor yesterday and he set me up with medicine. Monday I go back and hope that he can adjust my body to help relieve the hurt, ’cause it sucks trying to bend over and put my socks and shoes on.

So I’m hoping the snow tonight isn’t too heavy. It is a real pain in the back trying to shovel snow.

Month to Month

September is heading out and October coming in. I’m liking it! We’ll get down to below 30 degrees tomorrow night. Now that’s a way to start October.

Wrapped Up and in the Dark

The landlord has hired painters to paint my place’s exterior. There’s nothing like having the windows and doors covered to make it even darker than my place already is. Lulu kitty and Spencer are freaking out at the activity outside. I’m just happy that the weather is cool today so it’s nice and comfortable sitting inside.

It should be interesting to see the place painted. It’s been looking like a hillbilly shack for way too long.

Health Care Forum – Calm and Quiet

I went to a Health Care Forum tonight. You’ve heard about all the teabagger mobs that have shut down some of the forums? Nothing like that happenned here. It was calm, quiet, and kind of boring.

Kyrsten Synema, one of the state legislators, conducted the event. She’s on Obama’s Health Care Task Force, so she’s traveling around the state presenting information and answering questions.

Yes, there were people who cheered the comment about our border — if ex-Gov Napolitano had closed it there would be no health care crisis. Yeah, makes no sense to me either. I’m sure that the insurance companies would have cut prices, insured all, and never denied care to anyone as long as that dang border was closed.

Anyway, I can’t report anything exciting. It was informative, but I bet the two bills described will be very different by the time they are combined in the conference committee.

Baseball Night – Brian Matusz

Sure, the last few days have been all about the Arizona Cardinals and their stay here in Flagstaff for practice camp, but other sports are happening too. Tonight it was baseball. But I wasn’t watching the Diamondbacks (well, peripherally maybe). I watched the Baltimore Orioles.

Why would I head to one of the local sports bars, Granny’s Closet, to watch a team that I usually don’t care about? To watch the debut of pitcher Brian Matusz. There’s an Arizona connection. Shoot, there’s a family connection!

My nephews, Brian and Christopher, both played with Matusz at St. Mary’s high school in Phoenix. My brother and sister-in-law, Steve and Mona, hung out on the stands with Matusz’ parents. So when Mona tells me that Brian is coming up from Phoenix and wanted to watch the Orioles game to see Matusz pitch, well, I had to join them.

Matusz’ parents got plenty of camera time as the announcers discussed Matusz’ first major league appearance. Matusz certainly got plenty of time on TV. He pitched five innings and did a decent enough job — 5 strikeouts, 3 walks, 1 run, and the win. He’s now got himself a lovely 1.80 ERA. Nice.

I also enjoyed hanging out with Steve, Mona, and Brian. So it was a lovely evening to conclude my five-day weekend.