My Movie Reviews

I review films for our local weekly mag. One of four reviewers, I don’t review all movies. Instead, the four of us duke it out on what movies we’ll see each weekend. Sometimes we volunteer for the good ones. It only becomes a problem when we all do NOT want to see a movie – usually something starring Martin Lawrence or Rob Schneider.

he Flag Live movie section has room for about 800 words for new films and another 400-500 for video reviews. This means if there’s only one film that opens in town that weekend it recevies the honor of having 800 words written about it, even if it stars David Spade. If we have three films we have 270 words for each; this makes for some shallow reviews.

Along with current movies, the groups of reviewers write video reviews every so often. This is where we have fun. The only rule is to write about something that has not already been reviewed by one of us. Dan, the guy in charge of the reviews, has built a lovely database for us to keep track of what’s been written about.

So, you can find links to some of my reviews on the right-hand side of my blog page. Look under the More category. I’ll update as I think about it and when I am allowed to (I can’t put them here before they are even published in Flag Live).


5 Responses to “My Movie Reviews”

  1. Austin Says:

    You should check out a sweet movie podcast I listen to. It’s called Filmspotting ( Really good conversational commentary on new and older movies. Probably the best movie podcast out there.

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    I’ll do that! Thanks.

  3. Geraldine and Joe.... Says:

    Looks like my previous comment didn’t go through or was deleted???
    I did not like The Lake House, and gave my thoughts about this movie.


  4. Cassidy Says:

    I am High School Musical’s biggest fan and it is the best movie ever!!

  5. Cassidy Says:

    I got to go to the HSM concert and I was on the first row!!!!! I got every single thing at the shops that sold Hsm stuff their at the concert!!!

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