Dirty Documentaries

Inside Deep Throat
NC-17; Directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato

Unrated; Directed by Steve Anderson

This Film is Not Yet Rated
Unrated; Directed Kirby Dick

Lately I’ve stumbled upon three documentaries that highlight the fact that not all movies star Julie Andrews or cute little Muppets. The three documentaries are Inside Deep Throat — a look at the X-rated classic Deep Throat; F–k (you can guess what letters are missing), offering a look at the word as noun, verb, and all around cuss word; and This Film is Not Yet Rated, which offers a scathing look at the movie ratings board, who would rather see those Julie Andrews and Muppets movies.

Inside Deep Throat is a fascinating look at the porn industry before and after the “X” rating. Deep Throat hit the theaters at the right time, becoming a runaway hit and a cultural phenomenon.  People who never went to an adult film went to Deep Throat. The star, Linda Lovelace, was a household name.  Made for $25,000 the film supposedly grossed $600 million, earning the title, “The Most Successful Movie of All Time.” Directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato also look at what happened to many of the people involved in “Deep Throat,” along with the changes to the porn industry. By the way, this documentary earns an X rating because it shows scenes from Deep Throat.

F-ck is a lovely little cultural study on that word we often call the “F” word.  F-ck offers an in-depth look at a word we all know, but can’t always say (or write). Whether it is used as profanity or to describe a sexual act, this word has a lot of meaning behind it.  Director Steve Anderson gives us a history of the word, how it is perceived culturally, and he films a variety of people talking about this magic word. He also takes a look at how films use the word verbally or as an action.

If we can’t write the word “f-ck,” you can imagine what this film, along with Inside Deep Throat, did to the poor movie ratings board. This Film is Not Yet Rated is a look at the people who decide how to rate films. Director Kirby Dick gives us the background on how the MPAA was created, how directors must try various strategies to get their films through the board with a PG-13 or an R rating instead of the dreaded NC-17 (it’s funny to think that the X rating was once the equivalent of NC-17 until films like Deep Throat turned X into its own porn rating), and how they have a tendency to show a little bit of hypocrisy. Kirby Dick also tries to find out who these people are who are on the ratings board, and hires a detective to help track down the anonymous raters.

All three movies offer an entertaining look at the less innocent side of culture and movies. They make for fun and interesting viewing…unless you want Julie Andrews and the Muppets.


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