Good Luck Chuck


Good Luck Chuck

Rated R; Directed by Mark Helfrich; Starring Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler, Lonny Ross

Some movies manage to exceed expectations. Then again, when expectations are low it is easy to beat them. Good Luck Chuck managed to pleasantly surprise me and turned out rather funny and entertaining. Sure, it’s a silly little romantic-comedy, and with some unpleasant attempts at humor, but it’s not a total disaster. And yes, that is what we call damning with faint praise.

Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) discovers that every woman that he has been involved in soon finds her true love after breaking up with Charlie. As the word spreads that Charlie is a good luck charm his sex life takes off. At the same time he meets Cam (Jessica Alba), a charming klutz who runs a penguin exhibit. As his feelings for Cam grow so does his fear that his “curse” will cause him to lose Cam to the next man she dates.

It’s a cute concept, and at times the film takes full advantage of the possibilities and offers plenty of laughs. Charlie’s sexual exploits are hilariously played. The romance is also effective. Dane Cook and Jessica Alba make an appealing couple and both play their roles well. Of course, we must put up with an annoying best friend who is crude and lewd (played by Dan Fogler) and we have to sit through an ending that fizzles. Clever concepts in comedies rarely can sustain the fun and Good Luck Chuck falls to this malady.

Good Luck Chuck isn’t perfect but it does have Cook and Alba and a cute concept. The movie may not be to your taste, but then again, it may surprise you too.




2 Responses to “Good Luck Chuck”

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  2. stephanie Says:

    i loved that movie it was weird though at some points

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