High School Musical

High School Musical
High School Musical
Rated PG; Directed by Kenny Ortega; Starring Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman
Video Review

I love musicals. So, when my niece wanted me to watch High School Musical with her, I didn’t object. My seven-year old niece just LOVES it. She can watch this movie over and over and even knows the songs by heart. She has the soundtrack, which I heard over and over again when she visited last week. She LOVES it, but do I? Eh, love ain’t the right word. Let’s just say I found parts of it enjoyable.

This Disney film first aired on TV and is now out on DVD doing brisk business. Its cheery message about daring to follow your dreams, even if those dreams just mean trying out for the high school musical, is a good one. Give credit to the script for going beyond the boy meets girl type of musical. Though there is a romance between the two leads it doesn’t take up the whole shebang. Instead, we get a story about two people who want to burst out of their stereotypes and try something new. There’s Troy (Zac Efron), East High’s star basketball player. Over winter vacation he meets shy Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens), one super smart kid. They are forced to sing together on stage at a New Year’s Eve karaoke bash. They are great, surprising even themselves.

The next surprise is when Gabriella turns up at Troy’s school as a transfer student. The romance can continue, but ah, even better, there are auditions for an upcoming high school musical. Could they relive that magic they found New Year’s Eve? Can basketball-playing Troy dare to be more than a star athlete? Can super smart Gabriella try to achieve something more than academic success? Even more importantly, can Troy and Gabriella overcome the scheming of Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) and Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), the two theater kids who expect to get the parts? I know, the suspense is just killing you, isn’t it?

The cast is pleasantly blah. A nice mix of various ethnicities, the cast sings and dances their hearts out (some of the cast’s singing voices were provided by more experienced singers). The few adult characters show up as overblown caricatures.

It’s a musical, which means there’s music. The tunes, by a stable of tunesmiths, are pleasant, with few standouts. “Stick to the Status Quo,” “Get’cha Head in the Game,” and the big finale, “We’re All in This Together,” are more memorable than the rest and can get you humming along.

So, High School Musical isn’t perfect for a musical-lover, but there is singing and dancing. The story is weak, but still manages to have some fun. Aimed at an audience of pre-teens and younger, it does great. Disney knows this audience – after all, my seven-year old niece just LOVES it.


65 Responses to “High School Musical”

  1. azmutt Says:

    And she still loves it…we went to buy some clothes today for her and she almost had a heart attack (if 7-year-olds can have heart attacks) when she saw a t-shirt with the High School Musical logo and list of songs on it. Needless to say, it is now hanging up in her closet this evening as she sleeps.

    But the new thing on her radar? The Cheetah Girls 2…they sing, they dance, they dress really funky….yikes…

    Of course, I only had The Archies, Josie and the Pussycats and the Monkees when I was young…


  2. emily Says:

    i love high school musical i rcorded it and i am keepin it for good. hey wat u could use is some of the tunes off of it put some on this web plzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i go to ilko school wat school u go to any one????

  3. hey Says:

    hey i love high school musical zac efron is so hot i really like the theam to it but i did not really think that troy and gabrella should have had a better conetion they lacked in that deparent.also when garbrella was made at tro she really did’t seem that mad and when she said that ‘you got your boys troy’ that was really cheezy and i think that line could have been better so could have been the skiped but apart from that it was really good.

  4. Yo*Monkee Says:

    HI! My name is Yo*Monkee, I love the movie HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! Everyone that I know loves the movie. My saying is, if that you don’t like HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL…you are soooooooo UNCOOL!

  5. Helen Brakell Says:

    Hey i just love High School Musical i have the soundtrack and as soon as the film comes out im getting it n i can watch it over adn over again every minute of the day i swear it i da best film ive ever seen!!!!!!
    love you all


  6. Cassidy Says:

    I am High School Musical’s biggest fan!! I have the clothes, bedding, shoes, accsessories, calenders,pens, notebooks, and many more things!! I have too many HSM things to count!! I also collect magazines!!! POPSTAR! is HSM’s #1 source,and it is my favorite one!! I also have all their autographs from that magazine!! I enter all it’s contest!! I also have all the HSM CD’s and DVD’s!! I did “Bop To The Top” at a Talent Show,dance recital,and with my student council!! I take dance,and I act,and I also sing!!! This year we are doing”we’re All In This Together”,but I already knew all the words and movies before we started!! Ashely Tisdale is my best friend,and Zac Efron is my husband!! Ha Ha!! Love you ZAC And Ashely!!! Love you Vanessa,Lucas,corbin,And Monique!! Monique,you were FAB on Dancing With The Stars!! Love You Suite Life Of Zach And Cody!! I love You High School Musical!!

  7. Dani Says:

    High School Musical Is Great It Has All My Favourite
    Actuors And my Favourite is Vanessa She is so pritty
    And She looks Just like me And Also love All There Voices
    I love Evry thing Abouy High School Musicalxxx

  8. brianna Says:

    where did you find bedding

  9. Cassidy Says:

    Don’t know where I got bedding!!! Got it fo birthday!! I’m
    one of the only people who has it!! Got the pillows two!!!
    One’s a basketball one!! Ha Ha!!! You can’t have it or get it!!

  10. Cassidy Says:

    Hey I have the same shirt that azmutt talked about!!

  11. Cassidy Says:

    I am High School Musical’s biggest fan!!!! I got 3 necklaces,a diary, one Troy bracelet,a Troy diary,HSM
    remix edition!!!! One of the bracelet’s is a locket with Troy on the front and ZAC(troy) and me in the inside!!

  12. ashley tisdale Says:

    hi my name is ashley tisdale from high school musical and just to let you all know that there is going to be a high school musical one two and three

    keep looking out for them

  13. brianna Says:

    yeah i already have the basketball pillow and the ipod pillow

  14. Cassidy Says:

    So brianna!!!!! You are a butt!!!! I have so much more
    than you,and i do have the ipod pillow!!!! By the way if you
    like zac……………….. BACK OFF!!!!!!!! Plus I am Hsm’s biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got the radio pen tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Cassidy Says:

    Everyone……………. the HSM cast hates brianna!!!!!!

  16. Cassidy Says:

    Duh!!!! I knew that there was a 1,2,and 3 way before you
    told me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jamie Says:

    hey do you know where you can buy the High School Musical Bedding for a Twin size bed? My seven year old is a huge fan!

  18. Jamie Says:

    Sorry~ no offense, but I do not believe that you are the only person in the world that has High School musical bedding unless it was hand made.

  19. dilettanteville Says:

    Boy, of all my film reviews this is the one that gets the most action. I also hope that all of you posting here are real fans of the movie and not just trying to up the sales for some sheets and pillows.

    Hmmm…of course I was one big Star Trek fan and bought anything I could when I was younger. 😉

  20. Cassidy Says:

    Nope!!!! Not trying to up the sales!!! HSM’s biggest fan here!!!!! And I am probably one of the only ones that got this!!! It was from France!!! BY the way,STAR trek is stupid!!

  21. Cassidy Says:

    bY this I meen the bedding!!

  22. dilettanteville Says:

    Ooh, you watch out when you defame my favorite show when I was your age. 😉

  23. Tracy Bowman Says:

    Hey, just a note about the bedding- I saw it at Kmart yesterday. Our 3 year old came completely unglued when she saw it (she’s their biggest fan in our family), and she’ll be getting it for her birthday. Weird kid. *lol* She sings the songs and does a lot of the dance moves. We’ve got the cd, 2 different editions of the dvds, and 3 t-shirts. She even has it burned into her fisher price mp3 player thingy her Great Grandmother bought her for Christmas. Spoiled? Noooooo…. not our kids! *lol*

  24. Cassidy Says:

    Duh!!! THe bedding was imported from france!!!
    I have 2 editions of the movie,2 editions of the CD,and I have all
    the shirts in the world!!! Plus I got the bedding!!
    I have my room decorated in HSM and posters!!!
    Zac efron’s face is carved along with his co-stars in my headboard!!! Irock!! By the way the middle school I’m
    going to next year has the WILDCAT as it’s

  25. Cassidy Says:

    I’ve got all the songs on my awesome pimped out

  26. lauren Says:

    eu amadorei esse filme…
    é mt espetaculindo..

  27. Taylor Says:

    Hey i love HSM and im 13 how old are you cassidy you have a huge attitude problem and you cant have high school musical bedding its not out yet duhhhhh if you were #1 fan then you would know that i am there #1 fan and the bedding comes out april 2007 at k-mart ohh and if your a huge fan how many posters do you have do you an ipod do you there clothes do you have there shoes and slippers and ohhhhhh do you go to theere concert idid all those thing and i have more i love HSM and im the biggest fan.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Taylor Says:

    well cassidy my school has widcats as there masscot to and I have 2 editions of the movie,2 editions of the CD,and I have all
    the shirts in the world!!! Plus I got the bedding!! tooo so there miss thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. vanessa Says:

    Hi my names vannesa im a huge fan of HSM i wish i could of gone to the concert to taylor thats soooo cool hey cassidy where didi you get the head bored and if it was hand made then can you get one made for me .@!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Cassidy Says:

    Sorry!!! Can’t Get U a headboard!!!! But,I did have front row seats at the HSM concert,and get the book AND THERE AUTOGRAPHS!!!!!!!!! There is also HSM on ice coming to the bobcats arena near my house and I’m getting Tickets!!!!
    And I got my HSM bedding at a KHOLS for CHristmas!!!!
    i have all the posters,an ipod,and the shoes!!! I have the
    tennis shoes AND flip flops!!!!! I have 2 editions of the CD
    and The DVD!!!!! And All the shirts in the universe!!!!
    My school are the WILDCATS and so is a nearby school!!!!
    PLus the middle school that i am going to our
    the WILDCATS!!!!!!! We have pep rallies
    and always play All in this together!!!!!!! Plus by Nintendo
    DS is High School Musical!!! I have the HSM game
    on my DS and Wii!!! So.HAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And
    I am 11 so I don’t say stupid things and have
    pimples and acne like you older people!!!!!!! I just got new HSM jewlrey,and diaries,and a HSM flag!!!!!
    where do people get this stuff!!!!! And if you were
    a true HSM fan,you would have known when the bedding was coming out and looked at it on EBAY!!!!! I also have all the HSM games!!! I’m HSM’s #1 FAN!!!!!! you need
    an attitude ajustment and your
    head X-rayed!!!!

  31. Cassidy Says:

    Vanessa you are a sweetie,and I wish you the best in life!!!!! If I could give you a headboard I would!!!! But
    I never would give Taylor Butthead One!!!!

  32. Jamie Says:

    I will be praying for you to have humility on idolitry.

  33. Cassidy Says:

    Ya Know What,Jamie You Need to stop being mean!!!!
    Also,I made a mistake!!!! I really got the bedding At
    Kmart!!!!! Also,why don’t we stop bragging,and start being nice!!! We could make a club and just talk about HSM!!!!!!
    And tell new things about HSM!!!! Like,I’m going to the HSM ice show,but it doesn’t even have the real cast!!! Boo-hoo!!!!!! Is making the clb idea okay,dilettanteville???

  34. Cassidy Says:

    Aren’t the slippers so cool??? I got some!!

  35. Cassidy Says:

    Hey!!!!!! Guess What!!!!???? I just got a HSM bulletin board!!!!!!

  36. TwinMom Says:

    Back to the original topic of the review, great review. I have to agree that HSM is a mediocre musical at best. My friends and I have taken to calling it “Grease Light”! LOL My dance studio is using a few of the songs this year, its fun for the kids.

    My six year old daughter is completely into it and that is all we hear and see around here. Her twin brother even likes to watch it with her every once in a while. My husband is wicked freaked that his little girl wants posters of some boy in her room. I think poor dad’s are getting the icky end of the stick on this one. LOL That and I wish LimitedToo would stop making so much stuff!!!

    Props to Star Trek, fun times. I do have to say Doctor Who was/is better. *hehe*

    So when is the HSM ride coming to Disney World?! *hehe*

  37. dilettanteville Says:

    So what kind of ride would it be, hmmm? Would we have to bounce basketballs to a certain beat?

    My niece really loves the film, and obviously there’s lots more kids out there who feel the same way. Of all my reviews and posts this one gets the most action. It’s rather sad.

  38. Cassidy Says:

    I just want to say That I am HSm’s biggest fan!!! And the ride at Disney Is not a ride,it’s a float pep rally!!!!

  39. selena Says:

    i am in love with ceurbin bleu

  40. Cassidy Says:

    I cannot wait for HSM 2 and Zac Efron is so my husband!! And I’m going to see Corbin next week!!!! I am having A HSM 2 preimere party and I’m gettin the kit from Libby Lu and the all access pass from walmart that u get a code to meet Zac And Corbin!!! Hairspray is the new thing though!!!

  41. dilettanteville Says:

    Cassidy, if you love Zac Efron you should go see Hairspray. He does a good job in the movie.

  42. Cassidy Says:

    I did the day it came out!!!! It was awesome!!! Im going to see it again soon!!! I yelled twice and somebody told me I should be on the movie!! He Was HOT!!!! Nikki And Amand (Tracy And Penny) Did a great job!! Make a posting Place for Hairspray Please!!!

  43. dilettanteville Says:

    I will be posting my review this weekend, Cassidy. I loved it as much as you! 😉

  44. DilettanteVille Hairspray review « Says:

    […] who has a big crush on Zac Efron. Just like my niece Jamie, Cassidy, who has posted comments on my High School Musical review, also loved Hairspray and though Zac was great. Funny thing is, I thought he was great […]

  45. Cassidy Says:

    He Is So Hunky!! My Funny thing is my mom thinks he’s even hot!!! Please Hurry with the Hairspray thing!!! ZAc Was A Great In The Movie!! I actually alrady have some of the franchise and the soundtrack which I love!! I Love It Takes Two and Without Love!!! Plus the finale U Can’t Stop The Beat!!! I Just Saw The Original Hairspray on ABC Family!!

  46. RHIANNON Says:


  47. RHIANNON Says:


  48. Cassidy Says:

    i AM tHROWING a hSM2pARTY!!!

  49. Cassidy Says:

    Zac Is To All That!!!

  50. zac lover Says:

    hey zac are you excited. i am. can’t wait to see you

  51. Cassidy Says:

    HSM 2 Was Even Better.. ZAc Was Hotter Than ever..same for the soundtrack and book……………. Im Watchin HSM 2 Sing long right now… please make a HSM 2 Blog place!!! Please………….. I be sad if u dont!!

  52. Cassidy Says:

    cant wait for HSM 3

  53. Cassidy Says:

    lol.. l luv hsm 2

  54. Zac Is Fit Says:

    hi ppl i think high school musical wicked ive got everything .
    My favourite thig is all my high school musical wall hangers.
    Zac is so fit but in hairspray why would he want to kiss a fat bird lol…
    Oh and heres somthing only a fan would no.
    zac doesnt like rice paper. because he was on richard and judy lol. and treid english food.
    i soooo want to be americain they have such cool clothes and gr8 life styles love ellie
    cant wait for hsm 2
    zac is sooooooooo fitttttttttttttttt

  55. Cassidy Says:

    I American..already seen HSM2 great!!! ZAc So Hot!!!

  56. Cassidy Says:

    Hey Yaw…..I just married Zac Efron!!

  57. Juliet (Zac's dream girl) Says:

    Okay….LISTEN, Cassidy, I’m not even a member here, and after reading your outrageous comments, I think u have no right to even be here!! nobody wants to hear you telling them their show is stupid and how you have all the HSM stuff and you “married” Zac Efron. WE all love the movie and him as much as you do, but you DONT have to be a brat about it. I’m 12 almost 13 and do I have pimples?? <> You’ll be an adult soon and I hope by the nyou can learn to grow up and keep your possessions that you wish you had to yourself. THANKYA!

  58. Hsmfan Says:

    omg cassidy we could be sisters i luv hsm as much as you!! Omg how many times have u seen hsm ive seen it 114 omg i luv it so much. i have everything you have except the headboard of course but u sound awesome i also had fromt row seats

  59. Dana Says:

    So I love Zac Effron and I love the movie I want a script online to look at though
    I love u Zac from Dana

  60. cassidy Says:

    ok so im back!! after a while haha and ummm
    hsmfan u sound relly cool
    and uliet
    u will do good in life if u keep ur mouth shut


  61. zebra print shower Says:

    HAHA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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