Meet Dave


Meet Dave

Rated PG; Directed by Brian Robbins; Starring Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Scott Caan, Austin Myers

Meet Dave is another venture for Eddie Murphy to show his softer side for childlike audiences. Unfortunately, his smart-alecky side is much more entertaining to adults. Meet Dave is a sad excuse for entertainment. For the few moments of laughter offered by the movie, the audience must sit through long spans of unfunny attempts at humor. Of course, if we all had the attention span and lack of movie knowledge of little children, then maybe “Meet Dave” would offer more laughs. It sucks being old. Or is it that Eddie Murphy movies are sucky when you’re old?

Eddie Murphy plays two roles in “Meet Dave.” He’s the captain of an interstellar spaceship. He’s also the spaceship. You see, the mechanical spaceship is designed to look like the miniature captain inside. Some fun arises from watching the mechanical “Dave” trying to blend in with the other New York City citizens. A tidbit more fun wells up from watching the crew inside the “Dave” learn about Earth.

Too bad the plot is weak, the characters are idiotic, and jokes about gay men are clichéd and unfunny. Director Brian Robbins lives up to his earlier efforts, The Shaggy Dog”and Norbit. Eddie Murphy manages a few minutes of physical comedy that brings a twitter or two, but though Murphy and the cast try hard, the plot and direction build to such a high level of suckitude it hurts.

If you are six years old and unaccustomed to traditions of movie plotting, then go ahead and spend your hard-earned allowance on Meet Dave. You older folks? Save that hard-earned salary.


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