The Ant Bully

The Ant Bully

The Ant Bully
Rated PG; Directed by John A. Davis; Starring the voice talent of Zach Tyler, Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, Lily Tomlin, Bruce Campbell, Paul Giamatti

Ah, the joys of watching animated moral lessons. It does bring back memories of Saturday morning cartoons, doesn’t it? In “The Ant Bully” we learn a load of lessons. Let’s see, there’s “Be Kind to Small Creatures” and “Work Together as a Team” and, of course, “Don’t Sign a Contract with a Scummy Looking Exterminator.”

This movie has a big name vocal cast, but is aimed at the small fry in the audience. If you want to take your children to a pleasant little animated film then this will do fine. The plot is simple. Young Lucas (voice of Zach Tyler) is picked on by a local bully and has no friends. He takes out his anger on the local ant hill. One of the ants, Zoc (voice of Nicolas Cage), creates a wizardly potion that shrinks Lucas to the size of, well, an ant. Hova (Julia Roberts) shows the confused Lucas the ropes in Ant World. His loner attitude will have to change if he wants to make it as an ant (see, there’s a lesson to be learned – just in case you missed it).

The plot doesn’t offer any surprises, but the story is pleasant. While some of the humor falls flat, especially the scenes with Lucas’ grandmother, there is fun in seeing the world from the view of an ant. The ants all have their own human personality and learn some good lessons from Lucas.

“The Ant Bully” doesn’t try to be anything more than a kids’ film. It may not keep adults entertained, but, hey, you could learn a lesson or two, especially that one about signing a contract with a scummy-looking contractor.


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