Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car?
Rated PG; Written and directed by Chris Paine

Reviewing documentaries cause me problems. Face it, if I reviewed a documentary that blamed all the world’s ills on women who review films I would have a hard time being objective. The best put together set of facts and presentation wouldn’t help me accept the film. This is why it’s hard to rate Who Killed the Electric Car? showing at the mall. I liked the facts, as frustrating as they are, and found the film fascinating as it takes a look at the automobile industry. I imagine people who find themselves as the bad guys in this movie aren’t happy with it, but I liked it because it fits my beliefs quite nicely.

This documentary looks at the effort to put electric cars in our garages. As someone who keeps hoping for new car technology I remember when electric cars were introduced in the 1990s. I kept thinking they were still out there, but as Who Killed the Electric Car? documents the lives of those cars were short. Was it due to short-sighted manufacturers, apathetic consumers, the evil machinations of oil companies, or some other force at play? The filmmaker comes to conclusions and artfully shares them with you.

The fun of the film is letting the people involved in the electric car business talk about what happened and how strange that business was. It’s also frustrating. After watching the movie I wanted to own one of those cars and there’s no way that can now happen.

So, if you enjoy documentaries about technology versus business you will like this film. And as long as it leaves us female reviewers alone I enjoy it too.


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    […] I’m catching up on posting my reviews.  I wrote this one several weeks ago. This documentary was an eye-opener. I thought electric cars were still around, but no. If you watch the movie you’ll learn why they’ve been removed from the market. […]

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