Wild Hogs


Wild Hogs

Rated PG-13; Directed by Walt Becker; starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Ray Liotta

What can you expect from a movie that stars three actors who no longer reside at the top of the movie star food chain? Face it, John Travolta, Tim Allen, and Martin Lawrence are stuck in mediocre movieland, but will Wild Hogs help to change that? A story about four middle-aged men taking a road trip has potential, but Wild Hogs doesn’t try to live up to it. It certainly doesn’t do anything for Travolta’s, Allen’s, and Lawrence’s careers, and poor William H. Macy’s career isn’t helped either.

Wild Hogs goes for laughs by watching our four suburban middle-aged men try to act cool and fail miserably. It also goes for cheap homophobic laughs, nagging wife laughs, and doofus townsfolk laughs. Yep, just your typical buddy movie full of misfits. In this case we have a married dentist (Tim Allen), a man hiding his divorce and financial situation (John Travolta), a henpecked husband (Martin Lawrence), and a clumsy computer geek (William H. Macy) who head off across the country on their motorcycles.

Director Walt Becker (Van Wilder) keeps things moving, but with little sense of pacing. There are some good jokes and fun moments, but overall the movie seems stuck in stupid mode. The best laughs are saved for last, which allows us to leave the theater smiling. It’s too bad that the rest of the movie was not as fun as the last two minutes and the closing credits.

Wild Hogs is a weak comedy that gets some laughs while running a predictable course. It also keeps Travolta, Allen, and Lawrence firmly in mediocre movieland and ropes in Macy too.


2 Responses to “Wild Hogs”

  1. DilettanteVille Wild Hogs review « Says:

    […] office, but it has help from the lack of decent films this time of year.  Anyway, here’s my review for Wild Hogs. Posted in Film, Reviews, […]

  2. stephanie Says:

    i loved this movie

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