Rated PG; Directed by Peter Hewitt; Starring Tim Allen, Courtney Cox, Chevy Chase

Jeez, how painful can a summer movie be? Well, if the movie is “Zoom then it can hurt pretty bad. This children’s film stars Tim Allen as an ex-superhero, called Zoom, who must train the next generation of superheroes. He’s lost his zoom-like powers and isn’t serious about his new job. Of course, by the end of the movie he and the kids come together as a team to save the day. Sigh.

Exciting? No. Involving? No. Funny? Except for one moment when Zoom trips the answer is…no. Save your money.


2 Responses to “Zoom”

  1. World Trade Center and Zoom reviews « DilettanteVille Says:

    […] I’m posting two reviews. You’ll notice one is a little longer than the other. I was given 270 words for each, but really, what movie deserved more words? Zoom or World Trade Center? […]

  2. coffee fiend Says:

    Courtney Cox possesses an under-appreciated beauty i think

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