I’m Pulled Back In

How did I end up spending hours in Second Life today? It amazes me that when I go away for awhile, I can still jump right back in and spend hours in the place. I’m checking out the new Mesh-style clothing, which is interesting. i may even have pictures later. Now? I’m cleaning up some inventory!


Once Upon a TV Series

I’m catching up on the “Once Upon a Time” series and finding it often fun, but how can this series succeed for more than one or two seasons at the most? Won’t we get tired of all the shenanigans and want our main characters to recover their storybook memories? How long can this last?


I’m not sure I even remember how to post to my blog. I miss poor DilettanteVille, but I wonder how many bloggers slowed down on posting, or quit entirely, when Twitter and Facebook entered their lives?

Twilight of My Misery

I was reading Entertainment Weekly last week and I didn’t get one of the cultural references in a joke. I decided it was time to catch up on the current major cultural phenomenon around. Yes, I am watching the Twilight films.

Last week I waded through the first film, Twilight. Tonight it’s New Moon. I don’t think I’m the intended audience for this vat of wimpy moodiness.

At least there are werewolves to lighten the mood. Plus we get Michael Sheen, an actor that I love. He plays Volturi, the leader of vampires. Why do all vampire leaders come across so decadently? I’d love to see a jolly fat one.

I will not be standing in line to see the upcoming Eclipse. I might eventually get around seeing it on DVD when I’m needing some snooze time.

Schultz Fire Today

We had a scary afternoon in Flagstaff. We heard that the firefighters had a handle on the Schultz Fire, but around 1:00PM a huge plume of smoke roiled above the Dry Lake Hills north of town. It looked like things were out of control.

Schultz Fire June 24

Photo of Schultz Fire by Dan Stoffel

We all felt quite happy when hearing that it was all due to a planned burnout operation.

The fire is now 40% contained. That is some lovely news!

From Paris With Love review

John Travolta playing a crazy kind of super-duper agent allows From Paris With Love to have a few fun moments. Here’s the review.

The Night for Knight and Day?

Do I go see Knight and Day tonight or wait until this weekend? Or do I even want to see it at all? Romance, action, comedy – I love ’em all, but how many of these action-comedies actually deliver all three? It’s been sparse pickings lately.

Must decide soon. Maybe I’ll go see it…maybe not. Hmmm….

Update: I did go see it. Was it an excellent film? No. Was it still enjoyable? Yes. The movie managed to keep me entertained. If I had to write a review, which I don’t, I’d give it a “B” or possibly a “B-” (give me a night to sleep on it and I would come up with a firm decision on the grade).