Superman Returns

Superman Returns
Rated PG-13; Directed by Bryan Singer; Starring Brandon Roush, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Parker Posey, James Marsden

Superheroes on movie screens is currently a thriving business. With the X-Men, Batman, and Spiderman franchises going strong it makes good sense to bring back the greatest superhero of all: Superman. Last seen on screen in 1987, the Superman franchise gets a chance to find a new audience. Does it succeed? Well, let’s just say that this Superman is more of a PrettyGoodMan.

Bryan Singer (“X-Men”) directs this newest entry. Instead of a rehash of the origin of Superman, this version continues on with the versions I loved – the ones starring the late Christopher Reeves. It even uses some of 1978 “Superman” bits, including Marlon Brando as Superman’s father. A new cast takes on the roles of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane, plus the regulars in the Superman story: Lex Luthor, Martha Kent, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen.

This time around we discover that Superman (Brandon Routh) hasn’t been on Earth for a few years. He’s been searching for survivors of Krypton, his destroyed home planet. When he returns, he finds that some changes have occurred. Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is still an ace reporter at the Daily Planet, but she now has a fiancée and a child. She has just won a Pulitzer for her opinion piece, “The World Doesn’t Need Superman.” Of course, that sentiment may have been true, but Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) was in jail. Now he is out and has the usual plans for world domination.

The action sequences and special effects in this movie are phenomenal. From saving Lois and others in a burning airliner to trying to save Metropolis from Lex Luthor-induced disaster, Superman’s actions look great. Special effects have come a long way since 1978.

Kevin Spacey makes a wonderful Lex Luthor, while Parker Posey steals scenes as his girlfriend. The rest of the supporting cast is good. Of course, the movie isn’t about the supporting cast. It’s about Superman and Lois Lane. Brandon Routh looks good, but the story doesn’t give him any heavy emoting other than looking longingly at Lois. The role of Lois Lane seems hard to cast. Kate Bosworth tries, but it is hard to warm up to her.

The actors may grow on me in future movies, for a sequel must be in the works. I look forward to it. Though this version isn’t super, it was good. I just hope that director Bryan Singer can bring the super back into the franchise.


9 Responses to “Superman Returns”

  1. dilettanteville Says:

    We sort of agree. Here’s the comment I posted on your site:

    I liked Spacey as Luthor, but agree with a lot of what you wrote. I think the movie tried too hard for the tragically romantic. My problem is Lois. What makes Clark/Superman love her so? She always comes across as stupid in the movie versions. Bosworth didn’t make me change my mind.

    A shorter movie would have helped. It went on too long, but allowing us to see Eva Marie Saint as the grieving mother was the one big emotional moment for me. Martha Kent could only be part of a crowd and couldn’t share her despair with anyone. That one shot of her face brought tears to my eyes.

  2. imafungi1 Says:

    I agree that a shorter movie would have been nice. I think the scene on the rooftop with the guy with the huge-ass gun could have been cut completely. Having Superman stop a bullet with his eyeball is overdoing it. They were spending money on special effects just to spend money. That scene did not further the story or reveal any information at all. It was rediculous.

    One other thing: You mention that Kitty was Luthor’s girlfriend. I did not get that feeling at all. If that was their intention, they should have shown at least one scene of them kissing or in bed together or anything. She seemed more like a niece than a girlfriend.

    Great review!

  3. dilettanteville Says:

    If Kitty wasn’t his gal it would explain a lot. In the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeves, Luthor had another dim bulb girlfriend, so I just assumed that Luthor has a problem with bright women. Evil genius + dumb woman = evil plans foiled. You’d think Luthor would learn!

  4. imafungi1 Says:

    Evil geniuses never learn. It’s part of their charm.

  5. Dax Says:

    Just want to drop a line, that I agree with every single word in here. Shame the cast wasn’t as good as the effects. They could have worked more in emotions and humanity. It’s such a great hero and something was missing in the movie. Hugs.

  6. kashifalvi Says:

    i came in here to see if the movie was any good well after reading everyones comments here….i don’t think i would be interested in watching the movie any more 😦
    Cant watch dragged movies.
    kashif alvi

  7. Tomas Rhyan Says:

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