How long can one woman sit on the couch? Well, if I’m anything to go by, it can be a long, long time.  I worked from home all day, and then decided to continue my “Bones” marathon. I’m standing as much as I can tomorrow.


Now I’m changing positions. It is time to go prone. It’s laying on the couch time!


I’m Pulled Back In

How did I end up spending hours in Second Life today? It amazes me that when I go away for awhile, I can still jump right back in and spend hours in the place. I’m checking out the new Mesh-style clothing, which is interesting. i may even have pictures later. Now? I’m cleaning up some inventory!

Once Upon a TV Series

I’m catching up on the “Once Upon a Time” series and finding it often fun, but how can this series succeed for more than one or two seasons at the most? Won’t we get tired of all the shenanigans and want our main characters to recover their storybook memories? How long can this last?


I’m not sure I even remember how to post to my blog. I miss poor DilettanteVille, but I wonder how many bloggers slowed down on posting, or quit entirely, when Twitter and Facebook entered their lives?