Well, I’m scared…

Mike Stark, over at DailyKos, has a post called “The Scariest F**king Thing I’ve Ever Read” and he’s right. But it’s not just the article he refers to, it’s how this is just one more ugly point on how the world may be changing for the worse. His link to an article about the drought in the Amazon rain forest is depressing, as is the drought happening here in the United States (we’ve felt it here in northern Arizona).

Polar ice caps melting, heat waves in the midwest, and unusual warm ocean temperatures have me worried. I’ve seen An Inconvenient Truth, but I don’t feel as optimistic as Al Gore. He thinks if we do something within the next ten years we won’t go past the point of no return. I wonder if it’s too late?

Sorry, just color me pessimistic today.


Thunder and Rain

Here it comes again. Thunder is booming and I bet we get some rain. Last night we had a doozy. Flagstaff had over an inch of rain. We need it, but why did it have to be the night I drove out to get something to eat? It was a light rain at my place, but it got nasty as I drove to my destination: Burritos Fiesta (best shrimp tacos around).

I was drenched in the short time I ran from my truck to the restaurant and it didn’t stop. Power was out this morning for over an hour and it happened again this afternoon.  Let’s see how it goes this time.

24 hours of pure laziness

Let me tell all you mothers with young kids: man, how do you survive without a nap? My seven-year old niece left Friday night and I’m still recovering. After a week with her, I took off yesterday and stayed in bed, reading a romance and then a science fiction novel.

Today I have more energy – I even cleaned the house. By the way, how do mothers manage to keep things clean when there isn’t time to clean, because you are playing with the kids? Anyway, quite the learning experience.

So, today  I’m at least out of bed and on the couch. I’ve put a DVD in that doesn’t have cartoon characters or MaryKate and Ashley – I’m watching season three’s first disc of 24 (thank you Netflix). I loved the first two seasons, but haven’t watched beyond that. I thought I’d catch up on Jack Bauer’s action-packed life. Face it, he’s not the guy to get involved with. You could count on being kidnapped by terrorists if you do.

More Niece Activity

Well, after two nights at her cousin’s my niece is back at my place. We just got back from Lowell Observatory, a late lunch/early dinner at Altitudes, and a visit to the library. We fed the dogs and cat (Lulu is being a sweety and letting Jamie carry her) and now we’re to the normal kid thing: watching Liza Minnelli sing some songs from the Liza with a Z dvd.

This almost didn’t happen. Her mom was ready to pick her up today after she got a call last night from Jamie telling her how miserable she was. So, plans were made and Jamie was heading out, but she was all sunshine today and wanted to stay another night or two at my place. We’ll see how she feels after tonight.

We’ve got a trip planned for tomorrow morning to Walnut Canyon with her other aunt and cousin. Let’s hope we can keep her entertained. I bought her a t-shirt at Lowell Observatory that has the words, “Center of the Universe” above a picture of celestial objects floating around the word “Me”. Oh, ain’t it the truth.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang review

I’ve finally posted my Kiss Kiss Bang Bang review.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Catch this one just to watch two actors, who have hurt their careers, show why they should still be hired.

Bugs and Cats and Other Things

Man, having your seven-year old niece stay with you is one tiring experience. This is a case where my needs come way after hers. We’ve been having fun, but it’s also not been a prime experience for either of us. You see, I have grasshoppers out front.

Yes, grasshoppers, full of evil intent, jumping up obviously to attack little seven-year old girls. Sigh.

The hike through the woods was a bust. After all, there’s things that crawl, fly, flitter, and make buzzing noises. My niece is afraid of bugs, so nature, while pretty, is also a pretty awful place to walk through.

I did get her out to Sunset Crater and Wupatki. She liked both…except for the bugs. We’d be walking along enjoying the views, and she’d all of a sudden say in a very quiet voice, “Let’s go back.” I finally got her to admit that it was due to a nearby fly or bee.

The funny part of all this is what she did enjoy: repeated viewings of my Liza with a Z dvd. I don’t know how many times I got to hear “I Gotcha” or “Ring them Bells” as she watched them over and over. This is one thing my niece and I have in common; we love the idea of singing and dancing on stage. I know that she’s storing up some of the Bob Fosse choreography that Liza Minnelli was doing. She’s going to spring out some high kicks and shoulder shrugs during a dance sometime and shock everyone.

I also got introduced to the worst TV show in the world. Hastings had a special on rentals for kids’ videos and I let her check out several dvds. Have you seen the Olson twins TV show, So Little Time? Oh. My. God. It is the worst written show I’ve ever seen, but it’s the acting and horrid laugh track that has my jaw hanging. What a stinkeroo. I took my niece to her cousin’s yesterday, so had last night and today on my own and I had to do it: I watched the rest of the shows on the dvd. It became entertaining to see how bad the plots and acting could be. A show that makes Taylor Negron uninteresting has some deep suckiness to it (he’s the girls’ Puerto Rican nanny). I know all things Mary-Kate and Ashley mean a lot to little girls, but couldn’t they at least create something less…oh, what’s the right word…shitty?

Anyway, today is the day to do homework and maybe catch a movie in a nice air-conditioned theater. It’s hot and humid and the rain just isn’t falling enough to cool things down. I’m thinking of seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

I may have my niece back with me tomorrow, but we are playing it by ear. She may want to stay with her cousin (though they usually end up fighting after too long a time), she may want me to take her home, or she may want to stay here. My cat Lulu sells the last option. Very shy, she finally allowed my niece to hold her. A sweet cat makes up for jumping grasshoppers and makes my place more palatable. Well, we’ll see.


Man, we are finally having a thunderstorm. A couple of good cracks of thunder very near by had me squealing. Now the rain is gushing down.  This is how it should rain this time of year, but we haven’t really had it happen yet.

Ah, another nice peal of thunder.  Please let the rain continue. It cools things down and it’s been too hot for a delicate little flower like me.