The sun is shining earlier now, which helps me get out of bed. Thank god we do not follow daylight savings time — the thought that it would be an hour darker now makes me shudder.

It is spring this week, and as soon as the two feet of snow melts it will start to look like it? Though there’s a good start on melting. My front road is now a mud bog.

Ah, Spring


Vacation is Over

It’s back to work time. I just heard myself sigh.

Snow Day

We’ve had one of our spring break snowstorms. Over a foot of snow so far with plenty of shoveling opportunities. The real joy is that a snow day has already been called for Monday, so my Spring Break vacation gets extended an extra day. After five days in fabulous, but hectic New York City, having a few days to lounge at home is lovely.

Is it Friday yet?

This work week is going to be a long, slow one. After all, how can I get excited about a normal work week when it’s vacation time next week. New York City, here I come!


Yes? No?


How long can one woman sit on the couch? Well, if I’m anything to go by, it can be a long, long time.  I worked from home all day, and then decided to continue my “Bones” marathon. I’m standing as much as I can tomorrow.


Now I’m changing positions. It is time to go prone. It’s laying on the couch time!

I’m Pulled Back In

How did I end up spending hours in Second Life today? It amazes me that when I go away for awhile, I can still jump right back in and spend hours in the place. I’m checking out the new Mesh-style clothing, which is interesting. i may even have pictures later. Now? I’m cleaning up some inventory!