I Want My Weekend!

Has the weekend begun yet? No! Another half hour and I’m outta here for a 3-day weekend…well, except for the on-call hours tomorrow.

So what am I doing Labor Day weekend? Buying new tires, playing in Second Life, checking in at work, playing in Second Life, working on some school stuff, playing in Second Life, doing laundry and buying groceries, playing in Second Life, going to a Diamondbacks game with the family (we’ll be in the pool area – whoo hoo!), hanging out with family, and who knows? Maybe I’ll play around in Second Life.


Dancing Liberally Tonight!

Second Life here I come! It’s Dancing Liberally tonight and I’m going to put on my dancing shoes (okay, they’re fuzzy slippers) and do me some dancing.  Any of you progressive-minded SLers out there come and join us. It starts at 7:00 SL time.

The YKSL After Party

This Fall’s Film Series Starts with The Kid

Ah, the lovely fall semester has begun and I’ve already had to face tons of befuddled faculty, an extreme lack of parking, and returning students who feel that walking across the street while I am stopped to let them pass requires the slowest pace possible. Yes, I hate the start of the semester.

Chaplin’s The KidWhat I do look forward to is the film series that our Humanities department puts on. This semester’s is a doozy: The Films that Changed Films. From Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid to Coppola’s The Godfather, there are so many good movies in this series. I’m going to get to see movies I’ve seen before and movies I’ve never seen. Best of all, I’m seeing them with an audience, the way movies should be seen.

Tonight’s movie is Chaplin’s The Kid. This 1921 film was all Chaplin’s doing. He wrote, directed, and starred in this comedy about a poor man taking care of an abandoned boy. Little Jackie Coogan plays the kid. Coogan will grow up to play Uncle Fester in The Addams Family and Chaplin will go on to create even bigger and better films, but this was the one that broke the comedy mold.

Coming in at 68 minutes– a full-length, six-reel film when comedies were one or two reelers — the movie changed the idea of slapstick comedy. Sure there’s plenty of it, but there’s also some heartfelt emotion mixed in with the comedy. It is sentimental, but it still can get your eyes misty as we watch the Tramp and the Kid overcome odds in a world of poverty.

Other movies I’m looking forward to include Snow White, The Third Man, Citizen Kane, The Best Years of Our Lives, Bonnie and Clyde, Cabaret, High Noon, and Breathless.

So, though I complain about all those students and the beginning of a new semester, I feel rewarded. It’s movie heaven for me.

Where’s My Lazy Sunday Afternoon?

Here I am. Sitting in my office at work. Oh, woe is me.

Eh, it’s not that bad for the day before our craziest day of work. I’m getting things done and I didn’t have to do anything yesterday due to a power outage on campus. Yes, someone doing some construction cut a major power line on campus, which is bad, but it’s really bad when the power goes off at the ITS building. All those poor servers losing power meant that I didn’t have any work to do yesterday. Not bad for a fun Saturday.

Of course, it makes for a much less fun Sunday. Oh woe is me. 😉

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Another SL Post

It finally happened. The land that abuts mine and has such a pretty view is up for sale. There’s the huge For Sale sign floating in the sky and a nice house has disappeared. Oh well, I knew that my nice view was not going to last.

On the bright side? I can find a cute outfit by mixing and matching various items in my inventory. See, it all works out in Second Life — ugly neighborhood; pretty clothes.

Black and Red outfit

Let’s see…what am I wearing over my spiffy red and black bathing suit? Yes, that’s why I ended up with the black and red themed outfit. I needed something that looked good with the swim suit and my homemade red and black bracelets and earrings.

  • Cherry cardigan in black – Artilleri
  • Gia shoes – Artilleri
  • Uptown Red outfit pants – Vitamin Ci
  • Hair – ETD’s Jasmine in Jet
  • Skin – Sin Skin’s Stratus Sultry Red

I like playing Barbie!
Black and Red

Hugh Laurie Fix

Damn. I need to go to bed. Unfortunately, I’m watching disc 2 of the second season of House M.D. and can’t turn it off. Hugh Laurie’s House is just too good a character not to keep watching.

If I’m dragging tomorrow we’ll know why, it’s my House obsession.

Stardust review

What is it about fantasy movies that make them such a risk. Either too cloying or too out there, it’s hard to find one that has fun with the fantasy aspects yet still keep the story interesting. Stardust achieves this feat. It doesn’t hurt to have Michelle Pfeiffer playing an evil witch and Robert De Niro a pirate.

Yes, I liked it. Here is my review.