Maine Pyar Kiya

 Hero and Heroine of Maine Pyar Kiya

Hmmm…it is a trick to watch a movie in a language you don’t know. I’m trying. My DVD for Maine Pyar Kiya has English subtitles, but I can’t seem to turn them on.  This 1989 Hindi film is, of course, a musical. We’ve finally got the first song, other than the title track, with dancing and a montage of the two young, soon-to-be-lovers (in a strictly virginal sense), doing all kinds of fun activities. Starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree, it’s the poor girl and rich boy story overcoming family objections to their romance.

So, not having subtitles I’m kind of following the story, but it’s only the songs that I’m really paying attention to.  I used wikipedia to figure out the story. I also realized why I have such a hard time remembering the names of the actors in these Indian films — they all have the same last name: Khan. This film has Salman Khan.  Other movies that I’ve seen star Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.  I also need the web to identify the Bollywood films that I’ve seen.  I can’t quite hold onto the titles in my brain. There’s usually the words “Dil” or “Hum” in the titles, they’re all musicals, and many are about young love. Well, it does make it hard to identify the movie, doesn’t it?

Anyway, since I’ve typed this the hero has had a fistfight with one of his wealthy friends at a party. The “friend” was making improper advances at the sweet young heroine, the heroine and hero have fought over this, and many soulful looks have been exchanged.  I’m telling you, these movies are fun.  Even when you can’t understand the language.


5 Responses to “Maine Pyar Kiya”

  1. soorajrox Says:

    hey..kudos on your different taste in movies..I remember watching this when I was a small kid , I liked it then.
    Actuallly India is a country with many 28 states and it is also a country with differnt languages(I reckon around 16). I am from South of India, therefore I watch movies from three different languages, English excluded.
    If you want to watch a movie like this with songs and fights, then you could try any hindi movie. The more you watch, the more cliche you might find them to be.
    There are some good movies though, like ‘Black'( which I think you should watch). Totally inspired from the life Helen Keller. It’s got good acting and moreover it would be even easier to understand as 1/2 of the movie is in English.

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    Soorajrox — do you speak Tamil or Telugu? I worked with someone from Hyderabad, and Telugu was his language, though of course he also knew hindi.

    I’ll check out Black. Watching subtitles on TV is a chore, so some English intermingled with subtitles will be a pleasure!

  3. soorajrox Says:

    I speak Malayalam. Since I studied in Tamil Nadu I can try to speak Tamil too.

  4. dilettanteville Says:

    I am unlucky enough to be an American — we are spoiled because most countries teach their citizens English. I learned a smattering of Spanish and French, but couldn’t communicate in those languages if my life depended on it.

    I did buy a book on Hindi just so I can learn some of the more common phrases and words, but have I studied any of it yet? No, I’m rather lazy about that. So you speak Malayam, if my wikipedia research is correct then you are from Kerala or Lakshadweep.

    All these Indian films that I watch have increased my interest about India. I also work with some international students from India, and that helps me stay interested. So much of India looks beautiful, and the history is amazing. I grew up in Arizona, where anything over 75 years old is considered ancient. 😉

  5. soorajrox Says:

    I am from Kerala. Actually right from when I was a kid I grew up listening to english music, reading comic books( sad that DC does not release any more comic books of Rex a.k.a Metamorpho), and watching movies. Therefore my craze for movies et al started then. Since my dad wanted me to study in a good school, he put me in a boarding school. Many of friends think that it’s kind of weird that my parents put me in a boarding school. I liked it there. Every week a movie was screened.
    I used to watch movies which of were of languages I couldn’t understand, but in the end I got the message b’cos of the gestures.
    Wow, u studied spanish and french. I studied french in school for two years. I cannot speak french but if you write it and give it to me I can try and get the message 🙂 . Have you watched any of the spanish movies by the same person who made ‘Babel’. I heard they are very good movies and have very good ratings too.
    I do not think that you should feel unlucky to be an American. The good fact is that you have your freedom in every way and a lot of oppurtunities, only thing is that one shouldn’t misuse any.
    Another fact fact that I wonder and admire is by the fact you are paid to watch movies and review on them. Wish I could do that. I studied engineering in electronics and now I’m software coder (pretty mixed up, I know). Just for the time being, Dad wats me to study GRE(test for us ppl to clear so that we can come to US to study our masters).

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