Kindle Links

As something funky happened with my Kindle this morning (couldn’t get it out of sleep mode), I went out on the web to find info. There is lots of stuff to find right now. I’ve discovered some interesting bits of trivia about my Kindle. Did you know there’s a copy of Minesweeper on it? Press Shift+Alt+M while on Home and you can play the game.  Here are some of the helpful links that I’ve found:

The Amazon Kindle forums – I discovered how to best use the cover by reading these forums.

The whispernet coverage map – no wonder I don’t get the full EVDO wireless: I live in northern Arizona. I do get the regular wireless connection, but will have to wait for my Phoenix trips to see hoe the EVDO works. Though I swear that I did get it for about ten minutes my first night with the Kindle.

The Kindle Fan Guide (pdf) – this is where I learned the nifty Minesweeper info. It can also be purchased as a download from the Kindle store.

The Kindle Blog – I do love me my blogs. This blogger has lots of good links and more information about using the Kindle. – whoo hoo! Free books in Kindle format can be downloaded from here. I picked up Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Princess of Mars and Jean Webster’s Daddy Long Legs and will certainly be going back for more.

Oh, as for my problem with the Kindle, I seem to have it working. I didn’t have to reset it, but had to charge it and turn it off and on a few times and it’s working fine.  Now it’s time to go back to reading Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up.


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